Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yahoo closes dollar 7.6 billion deal with Alibaba Group

Yahoo has closed a $7.6 billion deal that includes selling half its stake in rapidly growing Chinese company Alibaba Group. 

The resolution announced Tuesday comes four months after Yahoo Inc. and Alibaba outlined the details of the complex deal. 

Alibaba is paying $7.1 billion to buy back Yahoo's 20 percent stake in the company and an additional $550 million to cover revised technology and licensing agreement. Yahoo will retain a roughly 20 percent stake in Alibaba. 
After taxes, Yahoo is expected to pocket at least $4.2 billion. 

Back in May, Yahoo pledged to distribute most of the Alibaba windfall to its shareholders. 

But after making that promise Yahoo hired longtime Google Inc. executive Marissa Mayer to its CEO. Last month, Yahoo revealed Mayer is considering holding on to the money. 

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