Saturday, November 3, 2012

Broadband penetration in India to reach 600m by 2020

Proactive steps are being taken to enhance broadband penetration in India, which is set reach the level of 600 million from the present 20 million by 2020, so as to cover the entire breadth and length of the country, according to a Confederation of Indian Industry(CII) press release.
Addressing the CII-Media Entertainment Summit 2012 titled India - The Big Picture, secretary, department of information technology and chairman telecom commission, R Chandrashekar said that the Indian government was investing over Rs 20,000 crore over the next few years for strengthening the broadband network in the country.

In its wake, Chandrashekar stressed that such massive investment would give a boost to the digitisation, cloud based services and convergence to reach out to the common man in the far flung areas. He said the government's role would be that of a facilitator and the last mile movers would be cable and telecom service providers.
Chandrashekar also highlighted that there will be emergence of different type of new services, and the phenomenal growth of digitisation in tier-III and tier-IV for towns, which would amplify the potential of the digital landscape that can encompass the whole of India.
However, the secretary of IT also pointed out some of the concerns in the digital space, which have to be addressed at the earliest. Regulation of carriage fee, protection of IPR and copy rights, piracy etc remains to be grey areas, he said.
Another challenge would be is to make available digital equipment at affordable prices to the common man, he added.

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