Friday, May 31, 2013

Deleted Snapchat photos hit the internet

ImagePhotographs shared via popular photo-sharing app SnapChat have been reportedly leaked on other websites without users' knowledge.

SnapChat, which claimed that all the photographs shared on the app remain visible for only ten seconds, overlooked its minimal technical prowess leading to users storing the photographs forever.

In a report by New York Daily News, app users are finding their private photos on sites like SnapChat Leaked without their consent.
The Facebook page of SnapChat Leaked,, received 5,34,000 likes in just 20 hours before being suspended by Facebook for violating its policies as users started using the page to bully others.

SnapChat Leaked said that it is working with Facebook on this issue. It further added that the images are user submitted and most see it as fun and getting 'Facebook Famous'.

This has given a rise to vindictive revenge porn where the exes and scorned lovers are lashing out on their partners by submitting their intimate photos to erotic websites, the report added.

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