Saturday, May 25, 2013

SAP loses cloud computing specialist Lars Dalgaard

German business software maker SAP said on Friday that Lars Dalgaard, who had widely been expected to lead its cloud computing business, was leaving.
SAP said Dalgaard was stepping down from the management board and leaving the company effective June 1 but that he would continue to act as an advisor to its cloud business.
Dalgaard joined the company in late 2011 when SAP bought Web-based software company SuccessFactors. The acquisition was seen as a catalyst for the German technology giant to try to catch up to rivals in the fast-growing cloud computing market.
But SAP suffered a setback at the start of 2013, when top sales managers in Asia left, which gave rivals an edge while demand was surging for cloud computing.

Cloud computing allows businesses to switch from using servers to cheaper network-based software and storage in remote data centres.

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