Wednesday, May 22, 2013

See, how your smartphone can help you stay fit

It's possible that you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise or to head to the gym, and you don't like the idea of a personal trainer. It's time for an app, in other words; and there are many out there to help us get in shape.

Earn digital badges
Nike Training Club is free on Android and iOS. It has a simple, clean interface, so you can exercise without distractions. The home page has a summary of your training performance and a menu bar that takes you to pages with more details on your previous workouts. There's also a rewards page where you can earn digital badges for completing workouts. To start exercising, you click the Get Workouts button, or pick Quick Start and choose the workout you did previously. Workouts vary, depending on whether you want a leaner body or a stronger one. When you choose an activity the app inquires about your experience level.
Serious alternative
A great alternative app is Gain Fitness Cross Trainer, free on iOS. It may suit serious exercisers. The app has prebuilt workouts like Torso Rush and Full Bod Livelong. The application can suggest exercise programs based on your goals and where you exercise.

Track your weight
For weight tracking, the Withings Health Mate application for iPhone and Android automatically tracks weight by connecting to one of Parisbased company Withings' smart bathroom scales. You can track your exercise regimen and get instant assistance in the form of messages. You can also see how your physical activities impact your weight loss in a snapshot. A similar app for babies, Withings Baby Companion app for iPhone, tracks a baby's weight and compares it to others the same age.

Workout trainer
Workout Trainer is a free Android app, with simple animations of each exercise and voice cues to help you with the timing. Its clean and simple design shouldn't distract you. But the trainer voices on the free version are electronic and may get on your nerves.

Correct your posture
Those who want to improve their posture can turn to the LUMOback, a device worn around the waist that connects to an iPhone app that notifies users when they're slumping, and tracks their posture over time.

Find the calories burned
To track calories burned, distance travelled or steps taken, there are many options available, including wristbands like the Nike+ FuelBand and Larklife.

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