Wednesday, May 29, 2013

UK broadcaster Sky becomes victim of Syrian hackers

ImageThe notorious and yet proficient Syrian Electronic Army, in their latest hacking spree, have targeted and defaced Sky's Androidapps.

The Syrian Electronic Army or SEA replaced the logos of six of the UK broadcaster Sky's apps with that of SEA. The hackers breached the firm's Twitter accounts and posted messages to users to view the defaced programmes.

In a report by BBC, SEA has earlier hacked social media accounts of political leaders, top organizations including BBC, FT, CBS News, Associated Press, FIFA amongst others.In the latest attack on Sky, the hackers posted fake news stories through the broadcaster's account and replaced the description of the apps which read as 'Syrian Electronic Army Was Here'.

The SEA attacked Sky News; Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Football, Sky WiFi, Sky+ and Sky Go apps days after Twitter announced that it was introducing a two-step authentication process to help thwart further attacks.

The report further said that the company was working to reinstate its apps following the decision to take them offline.

SEA, which claimed it had successfully penetrated computer servers used to control Haifa's urban management systems, has also been alleged of a failed attempt to sabotage Haifa's water supply as a response to Israeli air strikes on Damascus.

Members of SEA are supporters of Syrian President Bashar-Al-Assad but deny working under the orders of the government, the report added.

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