Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why Mercedes cars will have QR codes

Mercedes-Benz has decided to stick Quick Response (QR) stickers on its car to allow rescue workers to find the car's schematics and try to save crash victims.

The barcodes of the QR have been designed to help firefighters and paramedics get critical information about the crash victims and save them in the most efficient manner possible.

As reported by the BBC, these codes direct smartphones within seconds to a webpage containing schematics of the vehicle showing how to cut into it and free the passenger.
Till now, if the crash made the vehicle beyond recognition the workers had to call in its registration plate to get the necessary details.

Mercedes would stick one QR code on the inside surface of the fuel tank flap and other on the pillar built between the two doors on the car's other side.

The code will inform about the location of air bags, battery, tanks, electric cables, high-pressure cylinders and other components. If the car is a hybrid model it will also inform about the location of additional batteries and high-voltage cables too.

Prior to Mercedes, Moditech Field Applications and Extraction Zones are among other companies already offering apps providing a range of car schematics aimed at emergency services.

The report further said that Mercedes has waived the right to patent the innovation so that others could use it free of charge. The testing of innovation will begin in 2015.

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