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Britain s most iconic sporting moments

Britain has enjoyed a long and rich history of sporting successes, fronted by a whole host of sports stars, who are fiercely proud of representing and competing for their country. From Olympic glory to victories against all odds, here are ten of Britain's greatest sporting moments.
Britain most iconic sporting moments
England win the 1966 World Cup

Flame for London Games arrives in Britain

CULDROSE, England (Reuters) - The flame for the London Olympics burned brightly on British soil on Friday after David Beckham stepped off a special flight from the Games birthplace of Greece to light a cauldron with a golden torch.
The British Airways 'Firefly' Flight 2012 from Athens landed on time at the Culdrose naval air station with Britain's Princess Anne,Games chairman Seb Coe and the former England soccer captain among the delegation.

Samsung to bring more RAM to every mobile

Samsung is about to help the whole of the mobile market, as it readies a new memory chip for handsets.
Not only is Samsung responsible for the likes of the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note and most recently the Galaxy S3, it also produces a wide array of components which are used by all mobile manufacturers.

Facebook wraps up IPO, set for big Friday pop

Facebook Inc is set to raise up to $18.4 billion in its IPO and become the first U.S. company to be worth more than $100 billion at its debut, as investors bet on a big pop in the stock when it begins trading on the Nasdaq on Friday.
Frenzied demand, especially from individual investors hoping to buy into an Internet juggernaut that touches hundreds of millions of people every day, is expected to drive Facebook well above its initial public offering price of $38 a share, which was already at the top end of its target of $34 to $38.
Analysts were divided on how high the price might go on the first day of trade, with some expecting a relatively modest gain of 10 percent to 20 percent while others said anything short of a 50 percent jump would be disappointing.

Apple co founder Steve Wozniak hired as tutor on Jobs, Apple for Sony biopic

Reuters reports on comments from Aaron Sorkin, the screen writer of the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic from Sony. Sorkin says that the film will not be much like the biography, and that while he knows what he is not going to put into the screenplay, he knows “so little about what [he is] going to write.”
“I know so little about what I am going to write. I know what I am not going to write. It can’t be a straight ahead biography because it’s very difficult to shake the cradle-to-grave structure of a biography, ” Sorkin told reporters at a news conference for his upcoming HBO drama “The Newsroom.”

New Terahertz Wireless Connection Faster Than Your Microwave Oven

ImageWith the lower-frequency bands of the wireless spectrum becoming increasingly more crowded, scientists are searching out new swathes of spectrum over which to transmit our data. Among the most promising of those: The terahertz band, a completely unregulated range that lies somewhere between the microwave and infrared regions of the spectrum.
Typically, transmitting data across this band has required large, power-hungry equipment. But now researchers in Japan have managed to do it with far less complex equipment, and in doing so, have broken the terahertz wireless-transmission speed record.

First Wikipedia Town Going Live in Wales

Have you ever come upon an interesting building, plant, or landmark and wanted immediate information about its origin or function? Perhaps you should travel to the Welsh town of Monmouth, which is set to become the first "Wikipedia town" this weekend.
On May 19, Monmouth, located about 150 miles west of London, will transform into Monmouthpedia. Officials will affix QR codes, scannable by a mobile device's camera, to local points of interest, enabling passersby to immediately access the Wikipedia page for that location. There will also be town-wide Wi-Fi access made available for tomorrow's event.

India among top 10 countries likely to be worst hit by asteroid impact

In a new study, scientists have identified the countries that are most likely to be worst hit by the catastrophic damage caused by asteroids.

India among top 10 countries likely to be worst hit by asteroid impact

In a new study, scientists have identified the countries that are most likely to be worst hit by the catastrophic damage caused by asteroids.Research from the University of Southhampton have identified for the first time those which will suffer catastrophic loss of life or be so crippled it will be almost impossible for them to recover.The top ten countries most at risk are: China, Indonesia, India, Japan, the U.S, the Philippines, Italy, the U.K, Brazil and Nigeria.

The Supermodel Clique

In an era when Bollywood actors and sidekicks rule over the hearts of the people and control the pockets of producers and event organisers, the model clan is fighting tooth and nail to survive.


Candice Pinto
Candice Pinto forayed into the world of modelling and glamour after winning the Gladrags Megamodel Hunt in 2000. She also bagged ‘best body’ award at the Top Model of the World contest in Malaysia. It was after winning this award that she knew the ramp was where she always wanted to be. Her favourite designers include Vikram Phadnis, Rohit Bal, and Rocky S. She has a Masters degree in Economics, and so it would be right to label her a ‘beauty with brains.’

Was Sidhartha Mallya out of line

In all the allegations and reactions that surrounded RCB player Luke Pomersbach’s arrest by the Delhi Police, what really stuck out like a sore thumb were Sidhartha Mallya’s comments about the alleged victim. 

Bihar s Super 30 shines again in IIT JEE results

Patna, May 18: In another big score, 27 of the 30 students from Bihar's Super 30, a free coaching centre for underprivileged students, have cracked the highly competitive Indian Institute of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) this year, its director said Friday.

"It is again good news that this year, 27 out of the 30 students made it to the IIT-JEE... it has underlined how with proper opportunity, students from poor families can also reach the prestigious IIT," Super 30's founder-director Anand Kumar told IANS.

The successful candidates include the wards of a truck mechanic, a farmer, a daily-wage labourer and vendors.

"All of them have managed to successfully chase their IIT-JEE dreams at Super 30 with their commitment and hard work," he said.

Friday, May 18, 2012

10 nations most exposed to global risks

BRIC nations are not well placed to withstand shocks from major risk events Where does India stand?

Mumbai Slum Redvelopment Stalled By Financial Crisis

The BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China are no better placed to withstand shocks from major risk events than they were four years ago, according to the findings of the Global Risks Atlas 2012 released by risk analysis firm Maplecroft.. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

Century scorers in IPL 5

Two Indian cricketers - Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma; and three international cricketers - Kevin Pietersen, David Warner and Chris Gayle have crossed the three-figure mark in IPL-5.

Century-scorers in IPL-5

In this must-win match for Royal Challengers Bangalore, Chris Gayle, as he has done during IPL-5 took time to play himself in before moving into fifth gear without batting an eyelid. At one stage Gayle was on 38 from 34 balls, but then he exploded with all the Delhi Daredevils bowlers being taken to the cleaners, especially Irfan Pathan and Pawan Negi, who he hit for three sixes each in an over. Gayle reached the three-figure mark in 53 balls; his third century in the IPL.

Stalking Ajinkya Rahane

A summation of the impressive run of scores the young Royals opener has made in IPL5.

There is no storm attached to his name, no scoop, no switch-hit and neither does he strike fear in the minds of bowlers; or does he? But he will hurt you where it hurts – just ask Sreenath Aravind, Deccan Chargers and some other parties who have been at the receiving end.  We know by now that this little fella is no one trick pony like Paul Valthaty. Where is Paul anyway?

Rupee to hit 56 in near term, says Barclays Capital

Reuters Market Eye - Barclays Capital expects spot rupee to hit 56 in one month and then subsequently rise only to 54 within three months; the USD/INR is currently at 54.85.
BarCap cites "high" sensitivity to global market sentiment, "limited" appetite for the RBI intervention and "weak" macro fundamentals, in a reported dated May 17.
The rupee will gain to 48/dlr in one year, BarCap also forecasts.
BarCap's near-term rupee view is much more bearish than a Reuters poll this week, which shows consensus forecast at 53.41 by end of June.

How To Stop Bad Eating Habits

Bad eating habits are hard to break. These habits are a result of our disorganised lifestyle.

Ignorance, especially in this case, is certainly not bliss. Unhealthy eating habits contribute to obesity and laziness. If you happen to be a midnight snacker, then pay due attention and read on:

Big Fat Indian Dinner

Why the Wealthy Are Healthy

Several years ago Carnegie Mellon psychologist Sheldon Cohen performed an experiment to try to predict people's susceptibility to disease. First, he asked his subjects one question about their childhood. Then he squirted a cold virus into their noses and waited a few days to see who got sick, and who didn't.
He found that significantly more people who answered "no" to his one question came down with a cold, while only a few of those who answered "yes" got sick. The question: Did your parents own their own home when you were a child?

Silicon Valley 2.0 is here

Image The Big Apple may not have California's weather, but tech fans at New YorkInternet Week say that in every other way the city is on course to become Silicon Valley 2.0

The sense of an east coast rising raged in Manhattan this week, where some 45,000 people are expected to attend the festival through next Monday. 

Websites of Supreme Court of India and All India Congress hacked

t's now confirmed news that Indian ISPs are blocking torrent sites like The Pirate Bay and websites like Vimeo following a court order pushed for by Copyright Labs, a Chennai-based firm at the Madras High Court. A copy of the John Doe order, dated 29th of March, 2012 now confirms that the Chennai-based firm secured the John Doe order in the light of two movies - Dhammu (Telugu) and 3 (Tamil). The court order, which can be read at this link lists the Indian ISPs which will block these sites completely. These ISPs include - BSNL, MTNL, Bharti Airtel, Aircel Cellular, Hathway Cable and Dotcom, Sistema Shyam Teleservices, Vodafone India, Idea Cellular, Reliance Communications, Tata Teleservices, O-Zone Networks, Tikona Digital Networks, BG Broadband India, Sify Technologies, among others. Quoting the CEO of Copyright Labs, Harish Ram, the report states, "We have been fighting for this for long and it seems the ISPs are finally responding."

5 apps to help you save money

Your smartphone occupies a considerable space in your life today. From the moment you wake up to the minute you go to sleep, your smartphone is your one stop shop for all your needs like email, news, navigation and of course, making the occasional call and sending a text message.
Social networking, reading news, uploading pictures or just managing your routine affairs, you smartphone is not only consuming your time and battery, but your money as well.
So here are 5 apps that will help you save money while taking care of routine work on your smartphone. 

Google to launch Android 5.0 Jelly Bean with multiple lead devices

Google is reportedly working on a new strategy for its forthcoming mobile operating system, Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the Internet giant is going to give mobile device manufacturers an early access to the new mobile operating system in an attempt to come up with a more robust ecosystem and to take on arch-rival Apple.
The WSJ report, citing unnamed sources, says the new strategy could be launching the new operating system with multiple devices, doing away with current practice of working with single manufacturer on a "lead device" based on a new Android release. The report says Google may collaborate with up to five device-makers to produce "Nexus” lead devices, which could be either smartphones, tablets or both.

Mahindra Satyam posts Rs 534.21 cr profit for Q4

 IT firm Mahindra Satyam on Thursday reported a net profit of Rs 534.21 crore for the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2012. 

The city-based company had posted a net loss of Rs 327 crore in the January-March period of 2011. 

The company's income from operations during the quarter stood at Rs 1,666 crore as compared to Rs 1,375 crore for the same period last fiscal. 

The Top 10 Beach Cities

A city by the sea is always romantic, but there are some that are sought after by travelers and sunbathers. Here's a look at the top ten beach cities.

Top 10 Beach Cities

Barcelona, Spain 
With layers of architectural wonders, cutting-edge cuisine, and buzzing nightlife, Barcelona would be a world-class city even without the eight white-sand beaches that rim its Mediterranean coastline. Accessible by metro, the nearly mile-long (1.6- kilometer-long) Barceloneta Beach—revitalized in the massive waterfront makeover for the 1992 Olympics—is one of the most popular. Hit the Beach Centre to rent a beach umbrella, chairs, or a bicycle.

RCB player Pomersbach arrested for molesting US citizen

Delhi police have registered a FIR against Pomersbach and the cricketer has been charged under Section 354 and 323.

Prices cool India s love affair with gold

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Gold demand in India, one of the world's leading buyers, is likely to moderate in 2012 as higher inflation trims disposable income at a time prices are stubbornly high on a weak rupee, the head of the World Gold Council in the country told Reuters.
That should bring down imports from the record high level of 2011, Ajay Mitra, managing director of India and the Middle East at the WGC, told Reuters in an interview on Thursday, which may help the Indian government in its battle with a fiscal deficit.

What to keep in your never ever wear list


Diamond Studs/Chains
Let’s be honest, most of you have sported this look at least once in your life; probably when you sat at home trying to rap Eminem lyrics. But unless you’re 50 Cent, jewellery is not for you. Wearing diamond studs on each ear and bling around your neck does not spell cool in any language. You may be a pseudo rapper, but let’s face it- earrings will only down your cool quotient to a very low level. Out with those shiny

Should you opt for multiple insurance products

Planning for the future is a common process. Everyone wants to secure their future financial needs, be it your marriage, funding your children's higher education, building your business, etc. Though there are a host of financial plans that promise to protect your future, the best way to secure your future against any kind of uncertainty is Insurance.
Insurance provides security against sudden death, loss or damage to property, accidental and theft security to vehicles, etc. By investing in a proper insurance plan; one can secure himself from any possible financial uncertainty which in his belief may occur to him. In today's world, there are varied products present in the market which can be taken to secure any particular object.

Dining in the dark

Nepal "blind" eatery lights way for visually impaired

Visually impaired waiters walk out of Nepal's first blind restaurant as they wait for customers in Kathmandu

A line of diners, holding on to the shoulders of the person in front of them, enters the pitch dark hall at Nepal's first blind restaurant, which treats guests to food they can smell, touch and taste but not see.The 16-seat dining room has been heavily curtained from ceiling to floor in black, and the guests grope their way to the table, guided deftly by the waiters -- all of whom are visually impaired.
Text: Reuters

Bharti Airtel cuts 3G mobile data prices in India

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Bharti Airtel(NSI:BHARTIARTL), India's top mobile phone operator, on Thursday cut prices of its third-generation (3G) mobile data services by about 70 percent under some plans, a company statement showed, in a move to boost usage of the premium services in the country.
Bharti and its rivals in the country started 3G services last year after spending a total more than $12 billion to buy airwaves in an auction.

7 deadly interview sins

Having trouble getting job offers? You might be committing one of these seven deadly interview sins: By Alison Green | U.S.News & World Report LP Photos: Thinkstock

1. Being late.

No: 1. Being late: While occasional lateness may be excused in other situations, it's often a deal-breaker in a job interview. Hiring managers assume that you're on your best behavior while interviewing, so if you aren't on time for the interview, they'll assume you'll be unreliable if they hire you. Always allow more time than you'll need to travel so that you have a buffer in case something goes wrong.

HP mulls cutting at least 25,000 jobs sources

By Poornima Gupta
REUTERS - Hewlett-Packard Co (NYS:HPQ - News) is considering cutting its workforce by 8 to 10 percent, or a minimum of 25,000 jobs, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters, as newly installed CEO Meg Whitman strives to return the storied Silicon Valley institution to growth.
The job cuts, which could include retirements, are under discussion but have not yet been finalized, several people familiar with the situation told Reuters. The sources did not elaborate on a time frame or other details.

The biggest hits and flops in IPL history

By Jaideep Varma and Jatin Thakkar

To use the obscene parameters by which modern-day life is judged, we look at the 5 years of IPL so far and see who justified the money they got with their performances. 

Contraception, Tailor Made according to your Need

One size doesn’t fit all. That’s exactly the case with birth control measures. What works for you might not work equally well for your sister-in-law with two kids.

PLAY IT SAFE: Contraception for different phases of a woman's life!

Contraception is a need that changes with time, and in accordance with the different phases in a women’s life. Take your pick and play safe!

A monster the BCCI created

Greed is in the IPL’s DNA. It won’t go away by banning five nondescript cricketers.

The BCCI have fine-tuned the IPL ecosystem to make money. So why deprive uncapped players?

"There's a little bit of the whore in all of us. Gentlemen, name your price."

—  TV mogul Kerry Packer, negotiating the TV rights with the Australian Cricket Board in 1976.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Samsung and Apple take half of global smartphone market, Android and iOS hit 80 percent

Research firm Gartner released its numbers today for “Worldwide Mobile Device Sales” during Q1 2012. There are not many surprises in the report when it comes to Apple, but Gartner estimated Samsung sold 38 smartphones during the quarter, which is less than the 42.2 million estimated by IDC earlier this month and more than the 32 million by IHS iSuppli. With Apple confirming 35.1 million iPhones sold during the quarter, Gartner’s numbers put Samsung as the both the No. 1 smartphone and overall mobile device vendor. The report also noted Samsung and Apple together accounted for 49.3-percent of the global smartphone sales, which is up from just 29.3 percent in Q1 of last year:

Yahoo s CEO is out. Now what

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Scott Thompson, Yahoo's third CEO in about three years, has officially left the building.
That barely makes a dent in Yahoo's problems. Now that Thompson's resume-embellishing scandal has reached a resolution, Yahoo (YHOO,Fortune 500) will be forced to confront new questions -- and longtime issues that are still unsettled -- on its rough road to reinvention.
Now Yahoo is a rudderless ship -- again. Yahoo media chief Ross Levinsohn, who had been a rumored permanent successor to Carol Bartz (fired from Yahoo by phone in September), will serve as the interim CEO.

Genpact acquires Atyati Technologies

 Business process outsourcing firm, Genpact Limited has acquired a technology platform provider for the rural banking sector in India Atyati Technologies for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition will help Genpact with last mile functionality that allows Indian banks to serve the millions of people who reside in rural areas. This supports the financial inclusion plans of the government of India, the company said in a statement. “Rural India remains an untapped market for banking and financial institutions with opportunities for providers in the banking, insurance and mutual fund sectors.” Atyati’s clients include several of the large Indian public sector banks. Tiger Tyagarajan, president and CEO, Genpact said, “Emerging markets such as India and China are becoming an increasingly important part of our global strategy and we are excited to support these large and critical initiatives of the Indian government and financial sector.”

Google Search Just Got 1,000 Times Smarter

The Google Search of the future is here. Now. Today. The long-talked-about sematic web — Google prefers “Knowledge Graph” — is rolling out across all Google Search tools, and our most fundamental online task may never be the same again.
Starting today, a vast portion of Google Search results will work with you to intuit what you really meant by that search entry. Type in an ambiguous query like “Kings” (which could mean royalty, a sports team or a now-cancelled TV show), and a new window will appear on the right side of your result literally asking you which entity you meant. Click on one of those options and your results will be filtered for that search entity.

Government in final stages of protection against cyber attacks, National Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon

Pointing out that information technology has given power to terrorists and non-state actors,National Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon today said the government is "in final stages" of developing capabilities for protecting against cyber attacks. 

Releasing an IDSA report on cyber security, he said here that the same technology has enhanced the internal security capabilities through cyber penetration and a "democratic society must draw a line between the collective right to security and the individual's right to privacy". 

Govt. determined to facilitate return of Indians stranded in Angola, MEA

New Delhi, May 16 (ANI): The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Wednesday said the government is determined to facilitate return of Indian workers stranded in Angola.
"As far as those workers are concerned, that should any of them want to comeback to India, the Embassy would be willing to provide them emergency certificates; so, to travel out of Angola, for any of them is not an issue. Also, I have seen reports that, some of them are starving and there is no truth in those reports, they are being provided food," said MEA official spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin.
"So, there is no starvation, out there. Of course, they are in a difficult situation, and we are trying to work out with authorities on this. Right now, one of our embassy officials is in Sumbe, trying to work out with the company officials there," he added.

Belly fat, Hit the treadmill, not the weights

New research finds that your best bet for trimming belly fat is vigorous aerobic activity, such as jogging or brisk walking, rather than lifting weights.

Belly fat? Hit the treadmill, …

"If you are overweight or mildly obese and want to lose fat -- belly fat, visceral fat, liver fat -- vigorous aerobic training was better than resistance training," said researcher Cris Slentz, an exercise physiologist at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. The study, announced last week, appears in the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Is it better to rent than to buy a house

The origins of this article can be traced to a meet with 5 television editors (to be fair, their boss was on my side) who were shocked when I mathematically proved it is better to hire, than to buy. This is true of cars, vacations, or homes! Here we are talking homes.
So let us see what I do which worries, surprises, shocks, my editor friends.
Even though I do write articles on portfolio planning, portfolio construction and occasionally even stock picking, my own money is with a portfolio manager – and he is urging me to index! It took me a long time to understand that ego of stock picking need not interfere in the more important task of wealth creation.

Home owners beware, Choose the right tenant

The prime motive behind investing in a residential property is capital appreciation and, so, it’s a bit unwise to keep it vacant having taken possession of the same. While residential property rentals are low, typically around 4-6 per cent (pre-tax), it, however, does not mean that you should not let out your property. After all, rentals not only add to your overall return from the investment, but a steady flow of rentals can also be used to take care of the equated monthly instalments (EMIs) of your property, at least, even, partially. 
In case, you have bought the house without any mortgage, the rentals can be used for the maintenance of the property. But to get a steady flow of rentals, besides the condition of the property, you have to keep in mind the kind of tenant to whom you have let out your property. 

choosing best sunscreen cream

All you need to know about the bottle that helps you soak up the sun.

It's that time of the year when you pull out your breezy summer shifts, broad-rimmed shades, flip-flops and sun block. The season demands that you shield your body from UV damage. The right kind of sunscreen helps you enjoy the sun without worrying about premature ageing, skin irritation and in some cases, skin cancer. While more of us are using sunscreens, most of us aren't sure exactly what protection they offer, and are cloudy about the technical terms on the labels. Here, we tell you all you need to know-from why you need to buy a new bottle every season to how to apply sunscreen for maximum protection.

Yuvraj eyes comeback after cancer treatment

India's World Cup hero Yuvraj Singh hopes to return to cricket in "three to four months" after recovering from a cancerous tumour, media reports said on Thursday.
Yuvraj, asked by reporters in Chandigarh whether he could make a comeback in a year's time, said: "One year is too late. I am hoping to make an early comeback, maybe by the next three to four months."
The 30-year-old underwent chemotherapy treatment in the United States earlier this year after being diagnosed with a rare germ-cell tumour between his lungs.

Cab fares around the world

Deutsche Bank's new report looking at prices around the world gives you taxi fares for a three kilometre ride across different cities in the world.


A 3 kilometre cab ride in Tokyo costs you Rs 770 (approx)

Royal diamond from India fetches a dazzling doller 9.7 Million

The 400-year-old "Beau Sancy", one of the world's oldest and most storied diamonds in private hands was sold for 9.7 million dollars at Sotheby's in Geneva. Weighing in at 34.98 carats, the sparkling pear cut gem, which was cut from the famous gem mines in Golconda near Hyderabad.

An employee holds a 400-year-old and 34.98 carats diamond known as

A diamond coveted by kings, queens and princes for centuries, used to reinforce alliances between nations and pawned to pay off royal debts sold for 9 million Swiss francs at Sotheby's in Geneva on Tuesday night.The auction house called the "Beau Sancy" diamond "one of the most important historic diamonds ever to come to auction", reflecting its role in the fluctuating fortunes of Europe's royal families for more than 400 years.
REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen

FACTBOX, Facebook s IPO who gets rich

By Poornima Gupta and Gerry Shih
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The rich are going to get richer when Silicon Valley's biggest IPO starts trading on Friday.
Facebook this week raised the number of shares it intends to float by 25 percent to 421 million shares, and lifted the target price range to $34-$38 per share as investors clamored for a slice of the third-largest IPO in U.S. history.

The President s role in India

A look at the President's role in India in photos

• The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forcers

No toy sword this. The President can declare State, National and Financial Emergencies. Punjab, Jharkhand, and Jammu and Kashmir have been under President’s Rule.

Ten tips for workplace friendships

It's understandable that you would forge friendships with co-workers, given the sheer amount of time you spend with them each week. But workplace friendships can be delicate for that very reason. If you have a spat with a friend (who also happens to be your boss), the dispute may affect your work and the team vibe. Here are 10 tips to help you enjoy spending time with your friends at work while still being efficient at your job. Source: By Lindsay Olson | U.S.News & World Report LP

10 Tips

Here are 10 tips to help you enjoy spending time with your friends at work while still being efficient at your job. Click next to find out more.

Currency crisis and market mayhem. Things to know

The stock markets crashed, rupee value plunged and gold prices declined on Wednesday. In short, It has been a forgettable day at work for India’s traders and investors. We give you a snapshot of all the top news and related to the markets today.


Rupee hits record low; RBI's hands seen tied

The rupee hit a record low against the dollar on Wednesday as risk aversion in global markets added pressure on a currency already under fire from fiscal and current account deficits that are weighing on growth. Click here to read more

How a big meal hits our waistline in just 3 hrs

London, May 12 (ANI): There may be some truth to the saying 'a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips'.
Scientists have found that once eaten, fat is stored on the waistline within hours - far faster than previously thought.
Within just three or four hours of having a meal, up to two or three teaspoons of fat from the food gets stored.

Pitroda has drawn up projects to change face of Kerala, Chief Minister

Thiruvananthapuram, May 15 (IANS) Noted innovator, tech evangelist and policymaker Sam Pitroda has drawn up some 10 major projects for Kerala's resurgence that promise to change the face of the state, says Chief Minister Oommen Chandy.
"We are confident that given Pitroda's acumen in projects that he will present, this is certainly going to change the face of the state in the near future," Chandy, currently in Mumbai to promote investments to the state through an "Emerging Kerala" campaign, told IANS.

7 things you should never say to your partner

Sometimes our secret thoughts just slip out in a clumsy splutter of word vomit, and boom – we’re in the doghouse again. We present you with seven things you should never say to your partner. Ignore this at your peril.

What not to say, rule 1: “My ex used to do that too!”
Whether you’re complimenting your partner, or highlighting a less than favourable flaw, comparing your current partner to an ex is not, under any circumstances, a good idea. Telling your other half how a former flame used to give excellent foot massages, or even a catty comment about their awful dress sense, will not go down well with your lady/gentleman friend and is a recipe for disaster as your other half wonders why this ex is on your mind in the first place. Next time you experience boyfriend or girlfriend déjà vu, do yourself a favour and keep it on the down-low. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Windows 8 makes it easier for parents to track kids internet usage


Microsoft's Family Safety tool helps parents limit site usage

 Microsoft's Windows 8 will include a brand new suite of tools to help parents keep track of what their kids are doing on the internet.
The Windows 8 Family Safety toolset will send weekly usage reports about the sites that have been visited, and will allow parents to block specific websites and apps, set time limits for usage, lock search engines into strict SafeSearch, and track Windows Store purchases.

Google could be inviting more friends to Nexus party

Google may be rethinking its Nexus Android strategy in a big way. It’s reportedly getting set to team up with multiple Android hardware partners to launch devices based on the next full version of Android, instead of picking one lucky vendor to be the “lead device” for a new generation of software, as it did last fall with Samsung and the Galaxy Nexus.
The Wall Street Journal reports that the new strategy will accompany the launch of Android 5.0–to be known as Jelly Bean, in keeping with Google’s sweet tooth for Android code names–and involves several Android vendors. Several devices, including both tablets and unlocked smartphones, will be sold directly through Google’s Web site and through some unnamed retail partners.