Sunday, October 6, 2013

Twitter users, get ready for more ads

Once Twitter enters life as a publicly traded company, it will have to satisfy Wall Street's demands for constant growth.

So get ready, Twitter users: You are going to see more ads in your message stream, especially if you live overseas.

You may also see Twitter become more like a flash-sale site, with offers to buy products appearing in your message stream along with a way to buy them with a quick click or tweet.

In documents filed on Thursday to inform investors ahead of its initial public offering of stock, Twitter noted that it had been greatly expanding its inventory of advertising slots, especially for promoted tweets, which are sponsored messages that use the same format as the 140-character postings, or tweets, that are the core of the service.

Social media fuels dangerous weight loss goal

Experts in eating disorders are concerned about an internet-fueled trend in which teenage girls and young womenpursue an elusive and possibly dangerous weight-loss goal: to become so slender that their thighs don't touch even when their feet are together.
Specialists say achieving a so-called thigh gap is risky and virtually impossible. But some exceptionally thin models have the gap, which is upheld as a beauty achievement on countlessTumblr pages, blogs and other social media sites.

Gadgets leading to increased back pain

A new survey has revealed that young adults in the age group 18 to 24 years are increasingly experiencing back pain as a result of slumping their shoulders and slouching the middle and lower back, called 'iPosture', with excessive gadget use.

The survey states that young adults lost 1.5 more days of work on average due to back pain, as compared to older adults.

Experts said that excess screen time was likely to blame for the health implications, as young adults averaged 8.83 hours in front of digital devices each day.

How to create customized version of Android

Traditionally, if you want to really customize your Android experience, you have to root your phone and flash a new ROM -- essentially a whole new version of Android -- that has the features you want.

If you don't want to go that far, or you only want to tweak specific parts of Android, you have another option: It's called the Xposed Framework, and you can use it to customize your phone from top to bottom, all without flashing a new ROM.

HTC One mini available online for Rs 35,000

HTC One mini, the smaller version of HTC One smartphone, may finally be launched in India soon.

Though the phone has been listed on the Taiwanese company's Indian website for long, there has been no word when the company would launch it in the country. But online retailers have started selling the smartphone, even though it continues to be listed as 'Coming Soon' on HTC India's site.

Specs of Samsung s curved screen smartphone leaked

The race for the first curved smartphones is on and South Korean giantsSamsung and LG are eyeing to draw first blood. Samsung has already announced its plans to launch a phone with curved screen this month, while LG has not confirmed plans to unveil such a device yet.

After rumours of LG bringing out the curved G Flex phablet hit the internet, specifications of Samsung's curved smartphone have also leaked online.

Tech website AndroidSAS has leaked the specifications of the upcoming Samsung smartphone. Contrary to earlier reports, it says that Samsung would not be bringing out a curved variant of the Galaxy Note 3, but instead would release an all-new handset.

Facebook wants to know if you like it

In a first-ever self examination survey, Facebook will be gauging its users' attitudes towards the site, and how the attitudes evolve over time.

The social media giant has formed its first 'feedback panel', where people will be surveyed for six months to check their level of satisfactions with the site and why they change.

According to Huffington Post, the site will be analyzing how users respond to ads and stories in their News Feed in a bid to learn which ads make its members happiest.