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Beauty Secrets from the Stars

Steal these tips from nine top Bollywood actors who stay gorgeous inside out.


I'm very particular about my cleansing-toning-moisturising routine. Every time I cleanse, I take a close look at the cotton ball to make sure there's no trace of make-up on it. I also wash my face with water at least five times a day. Wearing sunscreen with SPF 30 too is a must. I don't change my cosmetics brand too often. Dermalogica products suit my skin. I also load up on green leafy veggies and fresh fruits, especially orange and papaya.

Flexible Degrees Introverts Can Earn From Home

Check out five flexible online degrees that could be well-suited for solitary people.

By Sarah Tann
Are you interested in making your way back to school, but prefer a classroom of one, studying solo, and having heated discussions via the computer - opposed to in-person?
If so, your introverted personality could find solace in an online degree program.
"An introvert would be comfortable in an online setting because there's no face-to-face interaction, they're just in front of a computer," says Anna Katsuki, an academic advisor and associate professor at Orange Coast College in California. "In some online classes, students may just read notes and take quizzes and tests."
Of course, online degrees vary depending on class and instructor, and in some cases, you may still have to interact with students and teachers, notes Katsuki.
All that said, if you think an online degree program might be right for you and your reserved personality, keep reading to learn about five online degrees that could be well-suited for introverts.

Countries With the Highest Unemployment Rates

Millions of jobs were lost in the 2008 global financial crisis, and with growth slowing, the job market is looking shaky once again. 

The U.S. shed 8.3 million jobs during the recession and only 43 percent of the lost jobs have been recouped in the last 34 months. 

Younger workers in particular are facing the worst job prospects in recent times. The unemployment rate for young workers in the euro zone is over 22 percent; in Greece and Spain it is over 50 percent. 

5 New Heart Tests That Could Save Your Life

When someone close to us or beloved public figures die suddenly in their fifties (or even younger) from a heart attack, it suddenly raises our awareness of the deadly danger posed by undiagnosed heart disease. And indeed, statistics show that 50 percent of those who die from coronary artery disease (CAD) had normal cholesterol readings and no prior symptoms.
But how do you know if you're at risk, and how bad that risk really is? Here are five new heart tests that show impressive results in detecting heart disease early and predicting future risk of heart attack and stroke.

Healthiest beers taste tested

I.C. Light
We don't usually judge a brew by its nutrition label, but if you're going to anyway, these are your best (and best-tasting) options — rated on our beerexpert's quasi-scientific pint scale, from not terrible for you to actually pretty good. Bottoms up.

I.C. Light

Surprisingly, this light lager from Pittsburgh doesn't taste like water. At only 96 calories and about 4.1 percent alcohol by volume, it's a solid choice for warm weather that won't weigh you down.
Special ingredients: None. 
2 out of 4

How one couple fashioned a cheap home makeover

Photo: Lucas Allen

In the Kitchen

Emily Knotts had never thought of herself as the DIY type. Previously, she'd simply whip out her credit card to buy furniture. However, after moving in with her husband, Michael, into his bachelor pad lakehouse, she wanted to fix everything all at once. "I felt like I either had to change my taste or win the lottery," she reckoned.

The Worst Restaurants to Work For

Is your favorite restaurant mistreating its workers?According to a guide released earlier this year by a group dedicated to workplace justice, some of the most popular fast-food, fine-dining, and family-friendly restaurants in the United States -- including McDonald's, The Capital Grille, andThe Olive Garden -- are also the worst ones at which to work.

"We all enjoy eating out," Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) writes on the website for its National Diners' Guide 2012. "Unfortunately, the workers who cook, prepare, and serve our food suffer from poverty wages, no benefits like paid sick days, and little or no chance to move up to better positions. When the people who serve us food can't afford to pay the rent or take a day off when they're sick, our dining experience suffers." 

Niagara Falls High Wire Walk, Nik Wallenda Crosses Falls, Fulfills Lifelong Dream

Daredevil Nik Wallenda has become the first person to walk across Niagara Falls on a tightrope.
Tens of thousands of people gathered at the falls and millions more were believed watching on television as Wallenda crossed some 200 feet in the air on a two-inch-wide tightrope over the raging waters of Horseshoe Falls, the largest of the three falls that make up Niagara Falls.
Wallenda trotted in his final steps across the tightrope and stepped into Canada, barely 25 minutes after he started.
After he greeted his wife and family, Wallenda was approached by customs agents, who asked him for his passport, which he presented.

Kitchen gadgets no one needs

The Margarita MachineMargarita MachineAlton Brown has become best known as the host of the Food Network's "Iron Chef America" program. But he's also a damn fine cook with his own show, "Good Eats."
With that show he became synonymous with flawless technique and no nonsense cooking. He is also a champion against the kitchen villain known as the "unitasker" — those gadgets that only do one thing and take up too much space in the one room in the house where organization is key. I have seen enough kitchens in my time — professional or otherwise — to know not only a unitasker when I see one, but a useless gadget as well. They have no business being in your kitchen. Here are nine of them:

1. Margarita machine

What do you call that new skyscraper in New York

FILE - In this April 17, 2012 file photo, One World Trade Center, rises above the lower New York City skyline as the National September 11 Memorial can be seen at lower right. More than a decade after 9/11, no one's quite sure what to call the spot that was once a smoldering graveyard but is now the site of the fast-rising, 1,776-foot skyscraper that will replace the twin towers. Some are calling the new skyscraper "One World Trade Center," but it's still "ground zero" to others. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)In this April 25, 2011 file photo, work continues on “One World Trade Center”, center, in New York. More than a decade after 9/11, no one's quite sure what to call the spot that was once a smoldering graveyard but is now the site of the fast-rising, 1,776-foot skyscraper that will replace the twin towers. Some are calling the new skyscraper "One World Trade Center," but it's still "ground zero" to others. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)
NEW YORK (AP) — When President Barack Obama came to New York City this week, his first stop was at that tall building under construction at the corner of West and Vesey streets.
You know, One World Trade Center. Or perhaps you might know it as the Freedom Tower. Or ground zero.

Mysterious Bones May Belong to John the Baptist

A small handful of bones found in an ancient church in Bulgaria may belong to John the Baptist, the biblical figure said to have baptized Jesus.
There's no way to be sure, of course, as there are no confirmed pieces of John the Baptist to compare to the fragments of bone. But the sarcophagus holding the bones was found near a second box bearing the name of St. John and his feast date (also called a holy day) of June 24. Now, new radiocarbon dating of the collagen in one of the bones pegs its age to the early first century, consistent with the New Testament and Jewish histories of John the Baptist's life.

Get ready for the Gayle storm

There will be increased pressure on Chris Gayle when he makes his international comeback against England.

Cricket is a team game, but like any other sport, it also needs superstars and the talented players to add to its aura. So, when one such undoubted superstar - West Indies' Chris Gayle - is forced to sit out of international cricket for almost 15 months because of a protracted stand-off with his country's board; the sport and its stakeholders are also affected.

Top 20 colleges for Science


St. Stephen's College (Estd: 1881) 
University Enclave, Delhi-07; Tel: 011-47667462; Website:; 
Seats: 200; Cut-off: 96 per cent

Top 10 Tips for Healthy Fathers

Want to see your kids grow up healthy and happy? Then lead by example! As Father’s Day rolls in, we have some simple and practical tips for all you doting dads out there. After all, a healthy and happy you equals healthy and happy children.

Top 10 Tips for Healthy F …

Work-life balance: Most Indian urban homes today are a mix of traditional and modern. So while men are still the primary providers; they’re also heavily involved in bringing up their kids, maintaining fulfilling marriages with their wives and being good sons to their parents. Doing it all perfectly is an impossible task for anyone. Understand your limitations, and try and maintain a balance between the different facets of your life.

What is going on at Rio

By Joydeep Gupta

The largest international gathering of them all got underway in Rio de Janeiro this Wednesday June 13 with no agreement on how the world could be made more liveable and sustainable at the same time. Delegates from 193 countries are still divided over key issues – development financing, capacity building especially in least developed countries, technology transfer, the “green” economy and the framework of action to implement all these ideas.

But as the first lot of 50,000-odd politicians, officials, NGO representatives and media descended on this fabled city on Brazil’s Atlantic coast and jammed up the streets, Sha Zukang, head of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), was confident that the differences would be resolved. The last preparatory committee meeting of officials started on Wednesday, and by Friday they are supposed to finalise a declaration on “the future we want”. There was agreement on only 20% of the declaration and many developing countries still have deep fears that it may place new obstacles on their paths to development. But the fact that this summit is “not focused on treaties but on action”, as Sha put it, may help resolve the differences.

Stanford sentenced to 110 years for dollar 7 bn Ponzi scheme

Allen Stanford leaving the Federal Courthouse in March

Houston, Texas, June 14, 2012 (AFP) - Financier and cricket mogul Allen Stanford was sentenced to 110 years in jail for a $7 billion Ponzi scheme, closing the book on the flamboyant ex-tycoon's stunning fall from grace.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The 10 richest wealth funds in the world

A sovereign wealth fund (SWF) is a state-owned investment fund composed of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, property, precious metals or other financial instruments. Sovereign wealth funds invest globally. (Data source:

The 10 richest wealth funds in the world

City/ Country: UAE – Abu Dhabi
Fund Name: Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
Assets size: $627bn
Inception: 1976

Bhupathi refuses to partner Paes at Olympics

At its meeting, the AITA "unanimously" picked Paes and Bhupathi for the men's doubles event, disregarding the latter's insistence on being paired with Rohan Bopanna

NEW DELHI: India's medal aspirations at the London Olympics suffered a jolt on Friday as ace tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi refused to partner Leander Paes at the prestigious doubles event. 

Pranab is UPA s candidate for President polls

This announcement comes after the UPA met with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to finalise its presidential candidate.

NEW DELHI: Ending days of speculation, Congress president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi has named Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee as UPA's Presidential candidate.

This announcement comes after the UPA met with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to finalise its presidential candidate.

"Pranab Mukherjee has a long and distinguished record of public service standing over five decades. There is broad support for his candidature," Gandhi said after the UPA meeting at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's 7, Race Course Road residence.

Hyperreal art tricks the eye,real or painting

Canadian artist Jason de Graaf creates acrylic paintings so detailed that upon first glance the viewer may mistake the work for a still-life photograph.

Click on images to see big images.

Everyday Habits That Can Make You Fat

If you are wondering why you've been packing on the kilos all of a sudden, or why it has suddenly become difficult to manage your weight, it is probably due to certain dietary and lifestyle choices. These are normal, everyday things that we do, blissfully unaware of the impact it is having on our metabolism. Read on to find out what it is that you need to be careful of, to avoid the unwanted weight gain.

Everyday Habits That Contribute …

Insufficient sleep: If you have been losing sleep or not sleeping enough, chances are you will put on weight. This will happen because people who don’t get the right amount of sleep tend to feel hungrier even if they have eaten a full meal. The appetite in your body is regulated by a hormone called cortisol which is secreted during sleep. If you don’t sleep well enough, your system gets imbalanced leading you to feel hungry and eventually taking in more calories than you need. Another side effect of sleep loss is the increase of fat storage in the body. So make sure you go to bed on time and get a good 8 hours of rest.

4 Things Your Dog Can Teach You About Starting a Business

Fun tidbit: Friday, June 22 is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Goofy, sure--but dogs can be constructive influences on our personal lives, and they can teach us a lot about how to be better, happier entrepreneurs. Here are just a few things humans can really learn from them when starting up a business:
1. Dogs are good listeners. Unless you have one of those dogs that won't stop barking, your pup is most likely more than willing to listen to you ramble on for hours. How patient are you when it comes to listening to customers and employees? Perhaps your dog will inspire you to do better. Step back and make sure you have an efficient feedback mechanism worked into how you manage your staff and how you relate to your patrons. Remember, you can listen to comments from others without having to act on every single thing that has been said.

Inside the mind of Kishore Biyani

Kishore Biyani is waiting, relaxed, in a darkened hotel suite. He's just flown in from cool London to broiling Gurgaon. He talks softly and very fast, jumping in before you're done. He's only 50 years old, and has lived, breathed, talked and experimented with the business of retail for close to three of those five decades.
Just over three weeks earlier, Biyani shook hands in Kolkata with a younger, richer and equally ambitious fellow Marwari, Kumar Mangalam Birla, sealing the sale of what will be a controlling stake in his flagship Pantaloons retail stores business to Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. But the man in the hotel room is excited by what lies ahead. Why, just athwart that expressway, sprawled across the basement of a glittering mall, is one more of his hypermarkets. Most of us see a shimmering heat mirage in the distance; Biyani sees thousands of shoppers trooping into yet another Big Bazaar and hears the clanging of the cash registers.

Indians had Rs 12,740 crore in Swiss banks at end of 2011

New Delhi, June 14 (ANI): In a latest disclosure, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) today said the quantum of money held by Indians in Swiss banks stood at about Rs 12,740 crore at the end of 2011.
The latest data disclosed by the Swiss National Bank in its annual handbook on Swiss banks published today shows that the total funds held by Indian individuals and entities include 2.025 billion Swiss francs held directly by them and 158 million held through 'fiduciaries' or wealth managers.

Apple sued over misleading Siri ad

An American man has reportedly sued Apple for false advertising, alleging that the company's commercials convey a 'misleading and deceptive message' about voice recognition app Siri's capabilities. 

Frank M Fazio, who was enraged by his iPhone 4S unpredictable accuracy and response time when asking its Siri digital assistant for directions, filed a class action lawsuit this week in California

"In the commercials ... tasks are done with ease with the assistance of the iPhone 4S Siri feature, a represented functionality contrary to the actual operating results and performance of Siri," Fazio said in his suit obtained by the Wall Street Journal

Govt to remove multi level TDS on software from July

Image In a big relief to the software industry, the government today said it will do away with the complex multi-level system of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) for the sector from July 1. 

"... no deduction of tax shall be made on... payment by a person (transferee) for acquisition of software from another person (transferor), being a resident," the Finance Ministry said in a notification. 

The provisions will come into force from July 1, 2012, it said. 

Time Inc to sell magazine subscriptions on Apple Newsstand

Time Inc's stable of 20 magazines, including Sports Illustrated and People, are now available for subscription on Apple's (AAPL.O) Newsstand, the company said on Thursday.
The publishing arm of Time Warner Inc (TWX.N) was the last holdout, among large magazine companies, to agree to sell subscriptions through Apple Newsstand.
"It's an important step toward fulfilling our goal of being everywhere consumers want us to be," Laura Lang, Time Inc CEO said in a statement.

India racing against time to adopt new web address system IPv6

 India, the world's third largest internet market, is working against a ticking clock to adopt IPv6, the new web addressing system, as the present addressing system has run out of internet addresses.

Asia Pacific Network Information Centre ( APNIC), the internet registry for India, has run out of IPv4 addresses with barely a few left for transition to IPv6. The department of information & technology had directed all states and the central government to switch to IPv6 by March 2012. That plan is still running behind schedule. 

Nasscom maintains 11 to 14 percent forecast

 IT industry body Nasscom on Thursday said it maintains its growth projection of 11-14 per cent for the current financial year and will review it in October, even as some member companies have given muted forecast amid global economic uncertainties. 

"We don't think it is in need for us to change it ... we will review it back in October and if need we could raise it upwards or downwards," Nasscom President Som Mittal told reporters here. 

He added fundamentals of the industry still remain extremely strong. 

Skype 5.8 for Mac out with redesigned contact list and full 10.8 Mountain Lion support

Skype updated its Mac client today to version 5.8 to add full support for 10.8 Mountain Lion and a number of features that aim to bring the app up to par with the current Windows version. Perhaps the most notable new feature included in the update is a refined contact list that replaces the old floating menu. Accessible from the “Window” menu, the new Contacts Monitor (pictured right) provides a simplified view of your contacts in a window that can be repositioned and resized. Skype said it is meant to be much like older versions, such as Skype 2.8, that users seemed to prefer. The new contact list also has filters such as “Friends” and “Family,” and the ability to right-click to start a call or new message.

Are live in Relationships Better

Live-in relationships are in vogue, albeit not everyone thinks it’s a good idea. 
My uncle and aunt gasped the other day when, for the millionth time, they brought up the topic of my marriage and I said I want to live-in with someone first, gauge the relationship and then think of getting hitched. Not only were they flabbergasted, their eyes ready to pop out, they said, ‘You’re not some celebrity to embark upon such an eccentric idea.’ And adding further, ‘Settle down, like the rest of us. Follow tradition and convention, like the rest of us.’
It’s relatively easy for men to think about this concept, but for women (yes, even in this day and age), it still is a taboo. Their families will most probably disown them even if they so much as mentioned anything resembling a live-in relationship. Well, given that you find such a lady, and given that you do set forth to test your relationship by living-in together, make sure you think about both the pros and cons:

Doubles dilemma

India's tennis selectors will decide the fate of Mahesh Bhupathi and Rohan Bopanna, who came together with an eye on the London Olympics, when they meet in Bangalore on Friday to pick the country’s men’s doubles pairing for the mega event.

Bhupathi and Bopanna, who were ranked 14th and 12th in the ATP doubles rankings at the June 11 cut- off date, have already made their preferences clear and have written to AITA that they are available for selection only as a "pair", and not as "individual players". That leaves Leander Paes, who is No. 7 in the world rankings, to partner either Somdev Devvarman or any of the up- and- coming youngsters. As two doubles teams from India can participate in the London Olympics, the All India Tennis Association (AITA) should be looking to choose the two best combinations.

Far from home and quite alone

Indian workers in Dubai take a breakIndia, June 15 -- Human migration is as old as civilisation itself but the magnitude and heterogeneity of migration have seen a phenomenal rise in the last two decades. This story of human populations moving from one end of the world to the other has another leitmotif today: a spurt in migration of women workers. According to a new report - Migration of Women Workers from South Asia to the Gulf - Indian women form the third largest female migrant workforce from South Asia in the Gulf. However, there is a side story to this news: many of these women often end up in vulnerable situations thanks to unscrupulous employers and lack of legal support in foreign lands. Interestingly, the report says, it is likely that women migrants will continue to encounter discrimination and exploitation at different phases of the migration cycle, in both the sending and receiving countries. It is even critical of a provision in the Indian law that has made it mandatory for female emigrants to complete matriculation or be of 30 years of age before going abroad on work. This provision, the report adds, has only given rise to a thriving industry of unregulated migration.

Nokia cuts 10,000 more jobs as losses deepen

Nokia (NOK1V.HE) plans to cut 10,000 more jobs, bringing the total to one in three staff, as it loses market share to cellphone rivals Apple (AAPL.O) and Samsung (005930.KS) and burns through cash, raising new fears over its future.
In a second profit warning in nine weeks, Nokia said on Thursday that its phone business would post a deeper-than-expected loss in the second quarter due to tougher competition, which it expected to continue.
Once the world's dominant mobile phone provider, Nokia was wrongfooted by the rise of smartphones and is struggling to keep up with Apple, Samsung and Google (GOOG.O). It is also losing market share in cheaper, more basic phones.

Twitter widens window to view links in tweets

Twitter added Wednesday to the array of online content people could preview in messages without having to click on links included in tweets. 

People who access the one-to-many text messaging service online at or were provided more opportunities to "expand tweets" with looks at pictures, videos, news article headlines or other content. 

"You've probably expanded tweets before to play videos from YouTube or see photos from Instagram," Twitter product team director Michael Sippey said in a blog post. 

Google pays almost dollar 18.7 million to get domains .google, .youtube, .goog and .plus

Google wants love. But so do six other companies. They are after .love, actually, a new "top-level domain" that could catch on as .com, .org and .net did.

Love might not prevail, but chances are, at least one of the domains in 1,930 applications for new extensions will. The domains are the letters that follow the dot in Internet addresses, and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, known as ICANN, revealed the new requests on Wednesday.

Infosys, TCS, Wipro created 2 million jobs in FY 2011 to 12

The resilient Indian IT industryhas shared the grave concerns expressed by Infosys' chairman emeritus N R Narayana Murthy and Wipro chairman Azim Premji on policy paralysis in the UPA government holding up reforms and growth. 

"Our concerns are no different from what Murthy and Premji have expressed. Key policy issues and executive decisions pertaining to our industry have been pending for long. They require urgent attention of the government if we have to remain competitive in a challenging environment," Som Mittal, president of the National Association of Software and Services Companies ( Nasscom), told IANS. 

Infosys, HDFC, Bharti apply for domains, RIL applies for .Indians for IPL team

Image Reliance Industries have staked their claim to the domain of Indians. '.Indians' is one of the three domain names that the Reliance Group has applied for with ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the body responsible for coordinating the internet's domain name system as well as assigning generic top level domain (gTLD) names. Reliance has also applied for .reliance and .ril.

As there are no other applicants for the names, they will likely become the property of Reliance. There are over 20 gTLDs allotted to Indian companies, according to ICANN's list of applicants issued on Wednesday. Bharti Airtel has been allotted .airtel and .bharti domain names. Infosys has .infy and .infosys. The Tatas have .tata and .tatamotors. Other companies with their own gTLDs include SBI, Dabur, The TVS Group, HDFC, Lupin and Shriram.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari review

Scooter Ki Sawaari

Cast: Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani, Ritvik Sahore
Directed by Rajesh Mapuskar
Rating: **1/2

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Tan

So your beach weekend seems to have left its mark on you, quite literally that is. Don’t be worried about walking into office on Monday with that tan as we help you get rid of it and get back to your work mode. Follow these few natural remedies to get rid of tan easily.

When you exfoliate, you remove your skin's dead cells. This way you can easily get the tan removed. When exfoliating your face, use a scrub that has soft granules so that your face does not get rashes. Also ensure that you use the scrub gently and not over-rub it. While exfoliating your body, you can use normal body scrubs that contain natural salts. But just because you have a bad tan don’t try to scrub it all away in one go as it can damage your skin.

Top 20 colleges for commerce

In its 16th annual survey of best colleges in the country, India Today partnered with The Nielsen Company to expand its scope to 11 disciplines-arts, science, commerce, engineering, medical, law, BBA, BCA, mass communication & journalism, fashion and fine arts. Here's a list of the 20 best Commerce college in India

Shri Ram

Shri Ram College of Commerce (Estd: 1926) 
Maurice Nagar, University Enclave, Delhi-07; Tel: 011- 27667905/27666519; Website:; 
Seats: 712; Cut-off: 98 per cent

We can not only be winning at home and losing overseas

I don't know how many teams have lost eight Tests in a row overseas, like we did, in England and in Australia, said Sourav Ganguly.

 India's most successful Test captain and an icon in his own right, Sourav Ganguly, spoke to The Telegraph at some length on Wednesday.

The following are excerpts:

State of the symbol,History of past Presidents

Two women almost became president of India, one in 1977 and the other in 1982. One will be familiar only to dedicated political pedants. The second remains a household name, even 28 years after her martyrdom. By 1982, Mrs Gandhi felt exhausted: The punishing drama of power had been compounded by the despair of personal tragedy. A "syndicate" of party heavyweights made her prime minister in 1966 after Lal Bahadur Shastri's sudden death, on the assumption that she would be a palliative for an increasingly disillusioned electorate and compliant to their commands. The steel that kept her nerve steady was visible only in 1969, when Mrs Gandhi used an election for President of India to split the Congress and propel her rebel, V.V. Giri, to Rashtrapati Bhavan. In 1971, she lifted her Congress to a magic pinnacle with a stunning victory; four years later, she drove it into unprecedented depths by declaring an unwarranted Emergency. Congress was erased from the electoral map of north, west and east India in 1977.

Superhero, with a twist

In 'Sher Khan', Salman won’t be flying in the air in elaborate costumes. So how will he be different? Find out
The latest to join the superhero wagon is none other than macho man Salman Khan. The actor is all set to don the avatar in his upcoming project Sher Khan to be directed by broher  Sohail Khan.