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Top 10 tips to avoid back aches

Looking after your back, is by far, one of the most important things you can do as part of your daily routine. Anyone who’s ever had a back ache will agree on how it affects every other aspect of your life and can range from mild discomfort to being utterly debilitating.

Taking care of your back 

The back extends from the neck, down to the buttocks, lending support to many structures and organs en route like the ribs and the pelvis. The back is formed by bones called vertebrae which are placed one on top of the other to form the spine.

There are many causes of backaches and most of them can be prevented by applying some basic principles, while others are serious enough to prompt a visit to the physician. Here are some general tips one can follow to keep the back in good shape.

Top 10 tips for a healthier back:

How to avoid backaches

This cannot be said enough. Slouching, sitting on sofas which do not offer firm support to the back and sleeping in an awkward position may give you a stiff back the next morning. Reclining in a chair without support to the lower back in the form of a cushion is a no-no. Sleeping on the side in the foetal position is the best way to take the pressure off a weak back.

Do you have a desk job? Then this workplace ergonomics article is a must for you.

World s high potential cities to watch out for

The Global Cities, a joint study performed by A.T. Kearney and The Chicago Council on Global Affairs measured global engagement of cities across five dimensions: business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, and political engagement. Click below to see the countries that may lead the world in the future.

High potential emerging cities

According to the study, a thriving economy, a growing middle class and infrastructure investments are likely to continue pushing Chinese cities toward a larger global presence

Infosys may skip campus hiring Morgan Stanley

Brokerage firm Morgan Stanley has released a report stating that IT major Infosys will not hire new recruits from college campuses in the remaining half of 2012. The company has also not released its campus hiring plans for the second half of the year.

Such a step clearly indicates the slump that the country's second largest software services company is going through.

Google s 1Gbps internet 10 things to know

Google made its foray into the market for bundled internet and television services on Thursday, promising access speeds more than 100 times faster than those of traditional US cable and telecommunications companies.

The web search leader unveiled its ultra-high speed Google Fiber service in Kansas City, Missouri, and could start installations in September, executives said. Google hopes to roll out the service to other cities later.

Indian mobile apps topping global charts

Image In June this year, a mobile application developed by an Indian gaming company was the toast of the mobile world as it emerged as the topmost application across the US and UK, notching up 10 million downloads by users of Apple devices. Created by Mumbai-based Games2Win, the app Parking Frenzy is a mobile game where the player's objective is to park his car in challenging spots within a city, thus mirroring the parking challenges individuals face in their day to day lives.

Games2win's success on the iOS platform is not an isolated event. A clutch of India-based mobile application development companies are emerging as trendsetters on the global stage. And these winners are across both productivity apps and gaming apps alike.

Samsung sold 50 percent more devices than Apple

 South Korean electronics giantSamsung has outshipped Apple by a two-to-one margin in the April to June period, according to a new report.
According to a Juniper Research report, Samsung, which is already leading in the global smartphone market thanks to its flagship Galaxy series, shipped an estimated 52.1 million devices in the second quarter that was twice the 26 million iPhones that Apple claimed to have sold.
Samsung's strong sales were boosted after the success of the latest Galaxy S III phone, which was launched in June and was an immediate hit among tech reviewers and smartphone users.

Mark Zuckerberg denies rumours of a Facebook phone

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has denied rumours that the company is working with HTC to produce self-branded smartphone with an exclusive operating system.
At the company's first-ever earnings call, Zuckerberg said that “it would not really make much sense” to build a Facebook phone. He further pointed out that Facebook is most used app on all platforms, therefore every phone out there is a Facebook phone.
Zuckerberg's comments are likely to put an end to all sorts of speculations related to Facbeook developing self-branded phone.

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The top 10 consulting firms in the world

KPMG topped the list of leading advisors to the industry in the 2012 Global Outsourcing 100 rankings.


KPMG topped the list of leading advisors to the industry in the 2012 Global Outsourcing 100 rankings released this month by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).

Top 10 Healthy fasting tips for Ramzan

Fasting all day for 30 days can be a huge challenge. It can be especially tough on moms, those who’re working and students who are out all day. We have for you some practical tips you can follow so you stay healthy through this period.

Tips to stay healthy while you fast during the holy month of Ramzan:

Healthy fasting in Ramzan

Space your meals. When you break your fast in the evening, break it with a snack. Give a gap and then eat dinner. Get your rest and then have your early morning meal.

Sun TV falls on report Marans to face graft charges

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Sun TV (NSI:SUNTV.NS - News) shares slumped on Friday after the Times of India newspaper reported CBI investigators are poised to file charges against the company's executive chairman Kalanithi Maran, and his brother, former telecoms minister Dayanidhi Maran, over allegations of kickbacks.
The agency was looking to charge the Marans over allegations they received 5.49 billion rupees in kickbacks when Malaysian telecoms firm Maxis bought a majority stake in Indian phone company Aircel in 2006, the report said, citing unnamed sources at the Central Bureau of Investigation.
The CBI's investigation will reportedly show Dayanidhi Maran, in his former role as telecoms minister, favoured Maxis in return for a kickback, the paper said, adding that the CBI had presented a status report on the case to a parliamentary panel.

Famous Cases Of Stupid Tweets That Got People Fired

Twitter is a powerful business tool that is not going anywhere anytime soon. It has 140 million active users worldwide and is growing daily. People use the tool to communicate their personal and professional brands. What are the dangers of so readily being able to put a message out worldwide? Has anyone failed to recognize the public nature of the site and got him or herself in trouble with his or her employer? Of course it's happened. Here we look at some of the most notorious bluTwitter blunders.
Gilbert Gottfried Goes off BrandGilbert Gottfried was the spokesperson for Aflac, the large insurance firm, when he was unceremoniously sacked after making tasteless jokes on Twitter about the Japan tsunami last year. The tsunami was a national tragedy for Japan, destroying both lives and property across the country. His tweets were insensitive and caused his employer – the top foreign insurance company in Japan – to end his contract.

10 Worst Pieces of Parenting Advice We have Ever Received

Kim Zolciak, famous both for being on Real Housewivesfame and for her huge wig collection, recently shared a favorite parenting tip with Us Magazine. The mom of three (and mom-to-be of number four soon), explains that she keeps a wooden spoon in her purse at all times "for my kids if they get fresh. I've never used it; I just pull it out and they know I'm serious." Empty threats of corporal punishment are her best parenting tactic? Forgive me, but that might be the worst parenting advice I've ever heard. No matter how you feel about spanking, whacking kids with a wooden spoon is abusive and combining that with an empty threat just shows kids you don't enforce your punishments. And why are you carrying that thing around in your purse? But celebs aren't the only ones spewing terrible parenting tips. Here are some of the best (worst) pieces of advice we've ever gotten: 

10 businesses you can start at home

Are you fed up of working for an employer, and for a salary? Have you been toying with the idea of starting your own business? Read on to know what your options are.

1. Marketing Consultancy
If you have served for several years in a particular industry, and have acquired the know-how that it takes to become an expert in the field, why not consider the role of a marketing consultant? You could start your business by offering your services to known customers, and expand the base as the business grows.

2. Web-Based Business

If the world of the World Wide Web is your abode, starting up a business as a web designer or developer is not a bad idea. The set-up costs would include investment in computer systems, and the word is ‘go’ from there on!

12 Poses to Stay Youthful Always

Whether we like it or not, we are getting on and nothing can stop ageing. Be it glowing skin or a lean body, the intention is to age gracefully.

Whether we like it or not, we are getting on and nothing can stop ageing. Be it glowing skin or a lean body, the intention is to age gracefully. Suryanamaskar is a sequence of yoga poses that are almost universally beneficial; with benefits that counter many aspects of ageing. The 12 poses of Suryanamaskar help maintain muscles, help retain flexibility and boost metabolism. Practising Suryanamaskar either at a slow or fast pace help with digestion, soothe the nervous system and strengthen the heart. Not just that, these asanas help you feel energetic, rejuvenated and keep stress and anxiety away.

1. Namaskar Mudra: Stand straight with your feet together, hands by the side. Now, bring your palms close to your chest in namaskar mudra and breathe normally. Benefit: Pose 1 and 12 help retain balance and strenghtens your back, neck and shoulders.

Google unveils broadband Internet service

Google Inc (GOOG.O) unveiled its Google Fiber broadband Internet service in Kansas City, Missouri, on Thursday, promising access speeds more than 100 times faster than some of the fastest available from traditional U.S. cable and telecommunications companies.
"The Internet is a huge positive force, and yet we are at a crossroad," said Google Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette, who has played a lead role in overseeing the Fiber project. He said Internet speeds had leveled out for broadband since around 2000, and Google would making it 100 times faster.
"We at Google we believe there is no need to wait," he said.

Artist makes satellite at home in just dollar 500

Years of rummaging through back-alley electronics stores will pay off later this year for a South Korean artist when he fulfills his dream of launching a homemade, basement-built satellite into space.
"Making a satellite is no more difficult than making a cellphone," said Song Hojun, 34, who said he built the $500 OpenSat to show people they could achieve their dreams.
"I believe that not just a satellite, but anything can be made with the help of the internet and social platforms. I chose a satellite to show that symbolically."

Google Talk back in service after suffering global outage

Image Google Talk, a popular instant messaging service used by millions across the world, suffered a massive outage lasting over four hours on Thursday. The outage, which started around 4PM India time, affected users across the world. The service was restored around 8.25PM. 

The outage was first reported by users on Twitter, a social networking website. "Google talk being down is massively annoying! You don't realise how much you take it for granted," Pete Gould, a Twitter user said. 

How to upgrade your Mac to Mountain Lion

ImageSo you've heard a lot aboutApple's new operating system, Mountain Lion, and think you're ready to upgrade your Mac computer. Your options depend on what computer you have now. 

* If you bought your Mac on or after June 11. 

The upgrade is free. You can get Mountain Lionas a download through the Mac App Store

* If you bought your computer in late 2009 or after. 

Hacking experts find new ways to attack Android phones

Hacking experts on Wednesday demonstrated ways to attack Android smartphones using methods they said work on virtually all such devices in use today, despite recent efforts by search engine giant Google (GOOG.O) to boost protection.
Experts showed off their prowess at the Black Hat hacking conference in Las Vegas, where some 6,500 corporate and government security technology workers gathered to learn about emerging threats to their networks.
"Google is making progress, but the authors of malicious software are moving forward," said Sean Schulte of Trustwave's SpiderLabs.

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Global social media revenue to reach dollar 16.9 billion in 2012, Gartner

Growing popularity of social media is expected to help grow the global revenues of the platform by 43.1 per cent to reach $ 16.9 billion in 2012, research firm Gartner today said.

The social media revenue stood at $ 11.8 billion in 2011.

Advertising will continue to be the largest contributor to overall social media revenue and is projected to total $ 8.8 billion in 2012, Gartner said in a statement.

Siemens fixes security loopholes in software

Image German multinational conglomerate company Siemens has issued a fix for the software loopholes used by the notorious computer virus Stuxnet, according to a report. 

Stuxnet was discovered in 2010 after investigations into malfunctions at many industrial plants and factories. 

According to the BBC, the fix comes as reports circulate of a fresh cyber attack on Iranian nuclear enrichment project. 

Skype hires Elisa Steele as new marketing VP

Skype, a division of Microsoft, today announced it is adding Elisa Steele to its senior management team as corporate vice president to lead marketing for Skype. In this role, Elisa will oversee Skype's global brand and marketing functions, as well as local go-to-market activities. Elisa will report to Skypepresident Tony Bates and will be based at Skype's office in Palo Alto.
"Skype is a global brand that has become part of the everyday lives of millions of people around the world," said Tony Bates, Skype's President. "Skype has always had a maniacal focus on building the best products in the world and now we are adding a world-class marketing leader to guide our brand's development and growth. Following a broad global search, we're excited to add Elisa Steele to our leadership ranks, as she possesses both the passion and experience to promote, protect and grow the Skype brand."

Intex Technologies eyes Rs 1,000 crore turnover in FY13

 Betting big on the growing tablet market, IT hardware and electronics products company Intex Technologies has set a target of generating Rs 1,000 crore turnover in 2012-13.
Last year, the company's turnover was Rs 779 crore. It had set an "ambitious target of becoming a Rs 1,000 crore company in FY 2012-13," Intex General Manager (Mobile Business) Sanjay Kumar.
The firm aims to sell 60,000 tablets this year, he said while announcing the regional launch of the Intex i-Buddy tablet running on Android operating system.

Apple to unleash OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion tomorrow

Apple’s latest desktop operating system, OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion will launch in the U.S. on the 25th of July. It’s already the 25th of July in India and if you log on to the Mac App store to download it, it won't be visible to you. You can check the App Store once the clock hits 25th July in the U.S. The OS will cost customers $19.99 (Rs. 1,125approx).
If you have purchased your Mac in the past few weeks, then the OS update will be free for you.

Stunning Ω shaped building to come up in India

The design concept of the tower is inspired by the ripple effect generated by water droplet, which is also known as the capillary wave.

Stunning Ohm-shaped building to come up in India

Parinee ISM is a 140m tall residential tower in India, designed by world renowned architect James Law of James Law Cybertecture International.

Fun alternatives to regular exercise

You might think that you need to employ a combination of cardio and weight training in the gym, to be fit. But the tediousness of lifting weights and running on the same stretch of road can get tiresome really fast. Here is a list of great alternatives to help you gain that dream body without the monotony.

Fun fitness alternatives

Yoga: With its roots in the Vedic Scriptures of Ancient India, yoga is the most indigenous form of alternative exercise. Practiced by yogis during the Puranictimes, these exercises rely on specific body postures to activate the core energy chakras and help energise the body from within. While building up strength and flexibility, it renders great agility to physical movements. It’s effects manifest themselves not only in muscular formation and physical strength, but also in keeping ailments away. Yoga is the unanimous exercise for all-round fitness.

Modi s hang me remark reprehensible, says minister

New Delhi, July 26 (IANS) Congress ministers Thursday slammedGujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his remark "Hang me if I am guilty" with reference to the 2002 riots in the state, terming it "highly reprehensible and irresponsible".
In an interview to Urdu weekly Nai Duniya, Modi said "Hang me if I am guilty ('Main gunehgaar hoon toh mujhe phaansi par latkaa do')" on the Gujarat riots.
Modi, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, has been accused of giving tacit support to the riots in which more than 1,000 Muslims were killed following the Feb 27, 2002, Godhra train burning incident in which 57 'kar sewaks' returning from Ayodhya were burnt alive.

Where does Facebook go from here

Reach is fine, but where are the revenues going to come from?
Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has always favoured reach over revenues. The strategy was successful as Facebook overran rivals Friendster and MySpace to become king of the social networking space. But Zuckerberg’s company faces an acid test this Thursday, when it announces their earnings for the first time after they turned public in May. Following a botched IPO and a subsequent drop in share price, Facebook has been under the gun, and questions been asked whether its worth the stratospheric $100 billion valuation, it commanded on debut. Wall Street will watch developments very closely. A Thomson Reuters poll projected that Facebook will clock $1.1 billion in second quarter revenues on earnings of 12 cents a share. According to a new forecast from Brian Wieser, senior research analyst at Pivot Research Group, the company will grow 32 per cent this year to $4.2 billion and $12.6 billion by 2017.

But will this assuage investor fears on current growth prospects?

59 percent of Indian students to Britain fake, Report

London, July 25 (IANS) A total of about 63,000 fake students entered Britain in 2011, and 59 percent of the total number of Indian pupils were bogus, a report by a British campaign group said Wednesday.
The study by Migration Watch UK, based on the findings of a Home Office pilot scheme, said the highest percentage of bogus students came from Myanmar at 62 percent.
It was followed by India, Bangladesh and Nigeria with 59 percent, a press statement said.
Under the pilot scheme, applicants for student visas were interviewed to determine whether they were genuine. This involved two tests - whether they were genuine as students and whether they intended to return home after their studies.

Google Adds New 34 Button Scientific Calculator to Search Results

Hard as we might try to avoid it, we occasionally still have to do math. Unless you’re a high school student with a graphing calculator, that usually means firing up a simple calculator program on your computer, which wastes valuable time you could be spending on the Internet.
Luckily Google has just released a new scientific calculator. Go ahead and enter an equation into Google Search. Try 2+2. Now, instead of simply coming up with the answer, Google presents you with a full, 34-button scientific calculator.

Slowdown, Indian IT companies offer over 1 lakh jobs

Image With some IT majors performing below industry expectations, Nasscom has said smaller and mid-size companies, which adopted different strategy after the 2008-09 economic crisis have peformed well, posting up to 20 per cent growth. 

"The mid-size companies were most affected by the 2008 downturn. They changed the business strategy and I think that model has paid off for them," Nasscom President Som Mittal told reporters here. 

Noting that many mid-size companies have posted a 20 per cent growth, he said the fundamentals of the domestic IT industry remain strong. 

Free Wi Fi for London during Olympics

Heading for London Olympics with your smartphone? You may enjoy internet service without shelling out money, as a free Wi-Fi service has been launched for the extravaganza. 

A deal between Westminster City Council and a leading network provider will give free Wi-Fi services to users in Central London during the Olympics and much after it gets over, the BBC reported. 

The network will initially cover Oxford Street, Regent Street, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Parliament Square. Other areas will be covered eventually, with Covent Garden next. 

Wipro CEO, We have established a client hunting team

Image TK Kurien, Wipro's CEO for the IT business, talks to TOI about a whole new sales strategy, which the company hopes will be able to break the reluctance of customers to spend in the current uncertain times, or to transfer business to Wipro from its competitors. 

Business from India & Middle East has dropped in the first quarter after a successful run for several quarters. What are the challenges?
The domestic market is driven by capital investments. The business has come down by 9.9% in dollar terms compared to the preceding quarter because most of our work in India is based on systems integration , which is linked to capital expenditure. We get an upswing of 0.8-1 % on our overall growth because of the India business in the second quarter, but we are not seeing it this time.

Infrastructure Management Services: The next big growth driver for IT services companies

Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) has become one of the most talked about topics in the IT outsourcing space today. IMS has undergone a sea change in recent times – from ensuring uptime of the applications and infrastructure, to evolving as a technology enabler for the business. According to the latest report by technology analyst firm Ovum, the global infrastructure market will grow 4.4 percent by 2015. Ovum’s Infrastructure market trends research suggests that it will reach £463 billion by 2015 and will hit a 4.5 percent growth rate by 2013.

First day tips for freshers

The transition from uniforms to trendy clothes and from teachers to professors can be bring in a bad of mixed emotions.  With Delhi University set to open, are the first- day jitters beginning to get the better of you? Breathe easy. Make your first step with confidence!

You can easily ensure your “ Univ” debut goes about smoothly by simply making sure your first step into college life is taken with confidence and of course, style. Here we bring you an easy guide on what to wear and what to shun as you start the crazy and nostalgic journey that is college life. So get set to put your best ‘ fashion foot’ forward.


1. Commit to your denims 
It’s impossible to go wrong with your favourite pair of denims. “ A well- fitting pair is a great investment for any guy. The more washed- out and rugged, the better the style statement,” says second year DU student Karan Gandhi. To try something different, you can fold the ends of your boot- cut denims or opt for a pair of skinnies to get that just out- of- school look. However, stick to the basics — no embellishments and no tricks.

Which is the best SIP Monthly or quarterly

By Kavya Balaji

Systematic investment plans (SIP) are often recommended by financial experts for all those who want to benefit from the vagaries of the market. Srinivas Jain, chief marketing officer, SBI Mutual Fund, says: “SIP averages the cost of acquiring units and mitigates the risks associated with market timing.” Earlier, SIPs were only monthly and quarterly, monthly being the popular one.

But, today, you have weekly and even daily SIPs. What are these? Weekly SIP is where you invest a set amount at the end of every week and in case of daily SIP, you would be investing a fixed amount every business day.
Now the question is, if SIP averages out the cost and you invested more frequently, would you get a better average and also better returns? We find out. 

The Modern Day Resume

Our world is constantly changing. Although people do their best to keep up, more often than not it's easier said than done. With the unemployment rates in America, and in many other parts of the world, dangerously high, the competition to find work in this economy is fierce. Because of this, we wanted to provide you with some innovative ways to make your resume stand out. If you incorporate these tips in a resume of your own, you'll look modern, up-to-date and willing to go beyond what's asked of you to be successful.

SEE: 5 Ways To Refresh Your Resume

Why You Should Hire MeThere is a lot of controversy on the web about whether you need a cover letter to go along with your resume. Some say that a cover letter is necessary as it is the perfect place to explain why you should be hired for the position, but many say that some industries don't care about a cover letter. You definitely need to explain why the rest of your resume deserves to be looked at.

6 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime

If July 9, 2012 felt a lot like Jan. 1, 2000 to you, you're not alone. In the months leading up to the first day of 2000, computer users around the world learned about Y2K. Y2K was a supposed glitch that would cause potentially catastrophic results when computers attempted to cross over the century mark. Y2K came and went with nothing more than minor problems. On July 9, another scare was supposed to happen. In November 2011, the FBI announced that it had busted a group of Estonian cyberattackers that had infected more than 4 million computers. An estimated 500,000 of those computers were in the United States. Due to the nature of the virus, the FBI had to redirect the virus to another server until it could be uninstalled from infected computers. Any computer with the virus was supposed to be unable to connect to the Internet. July 9 came and went and only a small number of problems were reported.
Although these attacks failed to live up to their epic status, that doesn't mean that future attacks won't cause destruction. One U.K. cybersecurity firm called the amount of cyberattacks "astonishing" after telling the story of one U.K. business that lost more than $1 billion in revenue as a result of one attack. Here's how to prepare and hopefully avoid becoming a victim.

Natural Wonders,Ginseng

Another natural wonder, presented very kindly to us by Mother Nature, ginseng has innumerable benefits and uses in human life. Read on to know more about this wonderful herb.

If you are a fan of herbal medicine, you may be well acquainted with ginseng. Widely used in Tibetan and herbal medicine, ginseng is highly valuable in its medicinal properties. According to Chinese medicine, which believes that every single herb has its own unique property, ginseng is known to possess heating properties that tend to improve circulation- a beneficial herb for those suffering from circulatory problems.

5 Major Hair Care Myths

Hair Care myths include fixing split ends, plucking grey hair, braids and hair fall, hair washing causing dryness and quality of hair products

There's a lot of faulty science passed down generations when it comes to grooming.
Here, we take the mumbo-jumbo that a lot of you might believe.

Fixing Split Ends

It can't be done. Nope - it can't. The myth of 'fixing' split ends might have started with a company selling a split end sealing product, but split ends are terminal - they can't be fixed. You have to cut them off.
Of course, there are temporary fixes, with products that lay down the split ends so they don't show. But that's where the fixing ends.

17 Maths equations that changed the world

Few academic subjects evoke as polarised reactions as ‘Mathematics’ does.

It is a dreary chore for most, an inescapable rite of passage that they have to endure during their growing years.  Many others relish it with aplomb, finding the subject as gripping as a suspense novel or as intriguing as life itself.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oracle launches identity management solution

Image Oracle has launched newsecurity solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of next generation enterprises looking to securely embrace cloud, mobile and social infrastructures. 

The company unveiled Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2, claimed to be the industry's first identity management platform optimised to secure the new digital experience. This new release has strengthened Oracle's integrated enterprise security solution offering spanning hardware, database, middleware and enterprise applications. 

"Organisations today, while recognising the need for an end-to-end security solution, fail to look at security comprehensively until they've had a security breach. It is only at such time that they realise the importance of having a security strategy in place," said Sundar Ram Gopalakrishnan, VP- technology, APAC, Oracle Corporation. 

Nasscom plans to create 2,000 IT, BPO jobs for differently abled

ImageNasscom Foundation, the social development arm of IT-BPO association Nasscom, is spearheading a recruitment drive for people with disabilities. The objective is to create over 2,000 IT-BPO jobs for people with disabilities in the next two years.

Though corporates in general are still largely insensitive to the employment needs of the disabled, some are now recognizing the benefits of a diversity policy and are onboarding people with disabilities.

OlaCabs launches operations in Delhi and Bangalore

Mumbai-based online aggregator of car rentals and point-to-point cab services OlaCabs has launched operations in Delhi and Bangalore. OlaCabs’ smartphone-enabled cab booking service helps a customer call for a taxi and track it till it reaches its destination. Olacabs first started its services in Mumbai. By the end of the year, the company plans to offer services in 10 cities, and the apps will be available from day one of the launch, in each of these cities.

Wishtel announces notebook for students

Tablet PC maker Wishtel today said it is developing a notebook for students that supports 23 languages and is based on open source software. 

"It is under development... will be launched very soon," WishTel Chief Executive Officer Milind Shah said. 

He, however, refused to divulge more details about the price and launch date. 

Sharp to cut thousands of jobs,Nikkei

Sharp Corp (6753.T) may lay off several thousand workers and sell office buildings in Tokyo as losses at Japan's last major fabricator of liquid crystal displays for televisions expand, the Nikkei business daily said.
The maker of Aquos TVs will likely post a group net loss of about 100 billion yen for the April-June quarter after $198 million settlement in a U.S. LCD cartel case added to its deficit during the three months, the paper said without citing anyone.
"We are considering various measures to tackle the difficult situation, and will disclose the details when it is finalized," Sharp said in a statement. Its shares fell as much as 5.4 percent in early trading in Tokyo.

How does a search engine fetch answers to your queries in less than second

Ever wondered how does a search engine fetch answers to your queries in less than second? Google says it's a mixture of science, creativity, experimentation and cold, hard maths. This is how it works:

Infosys plans to hire 2000 in US

India's second-largest IT company Infosys has big hiring plans for the United States.

The company, which announced a new delivery center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, said that it plans to take its hiring in the country to 2,000 by the end of 2012.

Infosys' new Wisconsin facility will provide end-to-end technology, consulting and systems integration services, and also will house a training center. The company is investing in the Midwest region of the United States to support its clients in the area, including Harley-Davidson.

LinkedIn begins partial roll out of new home page

Image LinkedIn has commenced the partial roll out of its new home page, as some users in India reported that their home page wore the new look while others said that theirs' had the older look. Last week, the business networking website confirmed on its official blog that it is working on a new layout for its home page.

On July 16, Caroline Gaffney, the product manager at LinkedIn, posted on the company blog that it has begun releasing the new home page. News of the revamped LinkedIn home page first surfaced when Twitter announced that it will not publish tweets on the business networking site.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned across EU

US electronics giant Apple and South Korea's Samsung Electronics each scored partial court victories in Germany Tuesday in their global war over rival tablet computers.
A regional appeals court in the western city of Duesseldorf upheld a ban on sales of Samsung'sGalaxy Tab 7.7 computer for infringing on Apple's design patent, and extended it from Germany to the rest of the European Union.
But it said that the redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1 N was now sufficiently different to the AppleiPad to be acceptable under competition law.

Inappropriate pictures on Facebook could lose you a job

Facebook users beware! Having inappropriate pictures on your profile could cost you a job, a new research has found.

Researchers warned of increase in employers checking candidates lifestyle, attitudes and even appearance in photos loaded on Facebook profiles.

In one of the biggest ever studies of the importance ofFacebook profiles among job hunters, American scientists found that employees increasingly use thesocial networking site to weed out unsuitable candidates, the 'Daily Mail' reported.