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Great Online Shopping Festival Saw Nearly 80 Lakh Visitors, Google

BANGALORE: Google on Saturday said that the Great Online Shopping Festival saw nearly 80 lakh visitors during the 3 day festival.

The site clocked a total of over 1.4 cr visits including the earlier promotion period. "Compared to last year, the user engagement is up by 7 times," said Nitin Bawankule, Industry Director, eCommerce Google India.

People from 220 cities in India participated in the festival. Shoppers form smaller cities like Ranchi, Guntur, Hubli and Bareilly also ended up on the site.

This Is A Typical Day For A Pampered Google Engineer

Year after year, list after list, Google consistently ranks as the best place to work in America. Great pay, fun projects, and a downright astounding number of perks make it so.

But what's it really like to work there, as in what's a typical day in the life of a Google engineer? A lot more ordinary than you might think, according to a description posted on Quora by Google software engineer Kenny Leftin.

6 C s for More Efficient IT In 2015

There’s no getting away from the inevitable round of IT predictions that mark the end of every year. Just about every research company and IT vendor has its own list — and 451 Research is no exception.
This time it comes in the shape of 6 C’s for 2015 that cover a range of issues from content management to containers to cloud and crowd working. Combined, they envisage a year that will see workers using more agile IT, largely through cloud and converged platforms. These same workers will also be more mobile and disassociated from the enterprise.

India Inc Loses dollar 4 Bn Due To Cyber Attacks

MUMBAI: India companies lost around $4 billion due to cyber attacks in 2013 and the amount is set for a 30% jump this year, according to experts.

Vadodara-based, BSE listed Deepak Nitrite was surprised that one of its old customers didn't pay even after receiving its consignment. It transpired that the client had received an email just a few days informing it of a change in account details.

The client then made the payment to this new account in Malaysia. The Vadodara cyber cell registered a complaint in this regard on August 12 and investigations are currently underway. Cyber fraudsters are increasingly targeting businesses, not just individuals.

IBM Reshuffles Top Management In India

BENGALURU: IBM has reshuffled its top deck in India as it focuses on newer digital imperatives like cloud, mobility and analytics and as global revenues have dropped for nine successive quarters.

Rajesh Nambiar, who was till recently general manager and managing partner of IBM Asean based in Singapore, has been appointed as the head of global business services, global delivery in IBM India effective December 1. This is one of IBM's biggest businesses out of India. Nambiar replaces Suhas Bhide, general manager-global delivery, who is said to have moved to an Asia-Pacific role in IBM. 

13 Revelations From The Sony Hack

Sony Pictures has had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad few weeks since November 24. That's when hackers broke in to its computer networks and leaked thousands of financial documents and emails revealing the film studio's inner secrets.

Some of the revelations have been merely interesting, a few have been shocking invasions of privacy, while others could damage individual reputations. All of the revelations have been reported previously in a variety of publications.

Here are 13 things we didn't know about Sony:

1) Men are paid more than women
Sony's 17 biggest-earning executives are predominantly white men. According to a spreadsheet called "Comp Roster by Supervisory Organization 2014-10-21," Amy Pascal, the co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment is the only woman earning $1 million or more at the studio.

Tech Companies Have the Most Rigorous Interview Processes

Tech workers have to endure the most rigorous interview processes of all professions, according to research out today.
The research comes less than a month after Google's eighth employee, Urs Hölzle, told Techworld how important it is for technology companies to hire the right talent.
The study, carried out by specialist recruiter Randstad Technologies, found that 60 percent of tech professionals went for more than one interview before being offered their current job -- significantly more than the UK average of 35 percent and the highest proportion of any sector.

5 Most Popular Frontend Frameworks of 2014

Nowadays there is a deluge of CSS front-end frameworks. But the number of really good ones can be narrowed down to just a few.
In this article we’ll compare what I think are the five best frameworks available today. Each framework has its own strengths and weaknesses, and specific areas of application, allowing you to choose based on the needs of a specific project. For example, if your project is simple, there is no need to use a complex framework. Also, many of the options are modular, allowing you to use only the components you need, or even mix components from different frameworks.
The frameworks that I’m going to explore are presented based on their GitHub popularity, beginning with the most popular, which is, of course, Bootstrap.

Introducing Docker to a Java developer

You might have noticed we are currently experiencing a Docker frenzy. Every day there is a new framework or service popping up that is based on Docker. A lot of people have been asking what this Docker thing is all about. I’m going to try to explain what Docker is and see how it it fits into a Java developers ecosystem.

What is Docker
Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run applications. It basically allows you to create a container for your service with all its required components. Every application needs quite a few things to run correctly, which can all vary from one system to another, just think about it: the Operating System and related libraries, JDK 1.x, application server and so on.

Microsoft Launches Dedicated Online Store through Amazon India

Microsoft has planned to substantially increase retail presence in India over the coming months. The company has now taken its first step towards this plan by launching a dedicated online store dubbed the Microsoft Store through Amazon India's website.
This means that the company's online store is not available on a standalone website, but in partnership with Amazon. This doesn't exactly replicate the business model that we've seen in regions like the U.S., where Microsoft single-handedly manages the retail aspect of the business as well.

Now IIT Indore Student Gets Rs 1.7 Crore Job Offer From Google

INDORE: A 21-year-old B Tech student of IIT Indore has bagged a job with Google at an annual salary package of Rs 1.7 crore, one of the highest packages offered by the US-based internet giant during campus placements at the premier institutes.
Gaurav Agarwal, a student of B Tech final year in Computer Science and Engineering, has accepted the attractive offer made by Google, a spokesperson of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Indore told PTI today.
The offer by Google to the young student is one of the highest salary packages offered during campus placements at IITs across the country, she said.

Top 10 Smartphones of 2014 In India

The year 2014 is about to end and we witnessed some explosive action in the smartphone market throughout the year. Apple Inc.launched the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus along with iOS 8. Google launched the new Nexus line-up; the Nexus 6, the Nexus 9, and the Nexus Player along with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8.1 and added some new smartphone vendors as their family members.

To make your life easier we have listed out the top 10 smartphones of 2014 currently available in india. Whatever your budget or preferences may be, you can pick and choose one from the below list, for sure.

Xiaomi India Ban Exposes Wider Patent Risks

MUMBAI/BEIJING: The court order that banned Chinese mobile maker Xiaomi from selling its phones in India has halted its breakneck expansion into the world's fastest growing major smartphone market and could be just the start of a string of patent challenges. 

Xiaomi Technology only started selling in India in July and quickly became the country's fastest growing smartphone brand; with minimal marketing, it is already outselling even low-cost smartphones running Google's Android One. 

Hugo Barra, the former Google executive now leading Xiaomi's international operations, told Reuters in November how rapidly the country had taken to his brand. 

All it took was a single Facebook post to draw dozens of superfans to a California Pizza Kitchen in Mumbai to meet him, he said. 

"It was far more than we expected. The community has really, really embraced us," he said. 

FindBugs, A Way to Automate Code Review

Code review helps to improve the code quality and avoid runtime failures resulting from poor coding practices. It can also give you a chance to modify your code for simplicity, better exception handling, readability and easy maintenance. Most importantly, I found while explaining my code to someone, as part of code review, I myself got to know many things that could be improved.

But over the time developers feel code review as one of the most boring activity of a Java project. Reviewing thousands of lines of somebody else’s code proves to be the real pain. To make matter worse, code reviews are typically constrained by tight project deadlines thus leaving less time for detailed evaluation of code. Hence, code reviews often become just an exercise in code beautification. To resolve the problem some aspect of code review has been automated via tools and one such solution is tools for Static Code Analysis.

You May Soon Use WhatsApp From Your Desktop

It looks like WhatsApp might be bringing its messaging service to the web.

The rumours started shortly after the the co-founder of rival messaging app Telegram, Pavel Durov, told TechCrunch that he thought WhatsApp was working on a web version "since they tried to hire our web dev."

While WhatsApp has yet to make any official mention of a web version of its popular messaging app, a recent discovery by the team at AndroidWorld.nl appears to back up Durov's suspicions.

TCS Planning To Increase Freshers Salaries

BENGALURU: Indian IT bellwether Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is planning to increase its pay offer to freshers recruited directly or through campus interviews, a senior official said. 

"We want to increase the entry-level salary offered to freshers to attract more talented youth and ensure their retention with bright opportunities to move up the value chain," TCS global human resources head Ajoyendra Mukherjee told reporters. 

Admitting that the salary offered to new recruits at the entry level has remained static over the years, Mukherjee said the company had started paying city allowance as an additional incentive to all employees, including trainees hired from engineering colleges or directly through online tests and personal interviews offline. 

9 Jobs Robots Could Replace In 2015

Walking through the city, I find myself thinking about all the jobs a robot could do.

A robot could probably stand in for my coffee truck guy, though I doubt he’d smile, call me “buddy” and ask if I said “three sugars” or “no sugar.”

A robot could probably take over for that guy spraying down the street every morning — though I often wonder why we need anyone doing that at all.

8 Technologies Every Boomer Needs To Learn

Have you ever wondered what your Millennial coworkers are doing when they’re glued to their smartphones or tablets? Maybe it’s time to have a closer look.

They’re likely employing innovative technologies that you, too, should be using to make your job easier and make you more impressive to your current employer or your next one.

To stay up-to-date, learn these eight ways that technology can help you at work:

7 Stupid Internet Scams That You Still Fall For

Scammers aren't non-English speakers with computers. They're savvy manipulators who play off your emotions. That's why even the stupidest scams will work on the right vulnerable person. "I'm pretty good at recognizing scams. But I still have the same physiological response as everyone else when I see a too-good-to-be-true opportunity," says Robert Siciliano, a McAfee online security expert. "You don't have to be a moron to get sucked into that feeling." These online scams have been around forever—some, even before the Internet—yet thousands of people are still falling for them every day. Here's what you need to know so you're never conned again.

15 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World

Necessity isn't always the mother of invention.

Lots of the things we rely on to cure our diseases, cook our meals, and sweeten our days weren't designed - they were accidentally discovered.

Inventor: Joseph McVicker, head of a Kutol Products Company, a soap manufacturer in Cincinnati, Ohio
What he was trying to make: In the early 1950s, Kutol created a doughy clay to take off soot in coal-burning homes. But as the Christian Science Monitor reports, people soon switched from coal to gas to warm their homes, and company was headed toward bankruptcy.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4 Unconventional Ways to Get Career Experience This Summer

Every college student has probably heard how important it is to get real-world experience during their college career before joining the workforce. While this statement is certainly true, some students might not know how to get the unique experience employers are looking for. Others might simply hop on the summer job wagon and expect that experience to be enough to prove themselves on a job application (it’s often not).

Statistics from a recent Northeastern study prove this point. The vast majority of CEOs surveyed said U.S. colleges did not adequately prepare students for the global workforce: The results indicated 87% of CEOs believe college graduates lack job skills critical for success, 89% believe universities should incorporate more entrepreneurship education and 97% say universities should provide experiential learning.

7 smartphone apps to help you do your chores

Cleaning is the worst. There’s no way around it. It’s uncomfortable, tiring, filthy, and time-consuming. And as amazing as Roombas are, they're still no Rosie the Robot.
That means it’s up to you. You control the keys to your hygienic destiny. You must lift yourself out of squalor and tidy those shelves.
Maybe you just need a little push in the right direction. Maybe all you really need is an app to help you organize your cleaning routine.

iOS 8 Is Almost Here, Bad Time to Switch to Android

iPhone 5s with iOS 8
iOS 8 Is Almost Here; Bad Time to Switch to Android is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.
Going into an AT&T or Verizon Store might give you the idea that switching away from Apple’s iPhone ecosystem is the move to make, the way to go if you want more features and a device that can be customized by developers. Thanks to iOS 8 nothing could be further from the truth.

Apple s iPhone 6 Will Probably Have an Unscratchable Screen

A well-known leaker of Apple news may have provided hard evidence that the next iPhone will come with a scratch-resistant sapphire glass display.

In a video on YouTube, Marques Brownlee demonstrates what is apparently a front panel from the iPhone 6, straight off Apple’s assembly lines. He bends the panel under his sneaker, stabs at it with a knife and scrapes at it with a set of keys, yet the display seems no worse for the wear. He also notes that the glass measures 4.7 inches diagonally, marking an increase in screen size from the 4-inch iPhone 5S.

11 Ways to Dominate Local Search

Smart business owners understand the importance of search marketing as a lead generation tool. But sometimes it feels like Google is always changing the rules.

How is a busy business owner supposed to keep up?

Well, business owners who want more customers can follow these tips. They will help you put together a local search marketing plan that will deliver targeted leads that are ready to buy.

It's not as hard as you think, but before I get into the details, let's discuss...

Google s doller 500 million plan to stop Amazon

Google's $500 million investment in Google Shopping Express — a same-day grocery delivery service offered in the US — will be watched closely at Amazon, which runs a similar AmazonFresh delivery service.

This is not just because the two services compete. Google has a habit of putting its search services in front of Amazon's on the web, so that customers have to go through Google to get Amazon. That gives Google a chance to slice off some of Amazon's customers for itself.

MIT And Dropbox Alums Launch Inbox, A Next Generation Email Platform

Founded by Dropbox and MIT alums, a new startup called Inbox is launching out of stealth today, hoping to power the next generation of email applications. Similar to the newly launched Gmail API, Inbox offers a more modern way to build apps that access end users’ inboxes. But instead of being limited to Gmail, it also works with Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange and others, the company says.

In addition, jabs the company’s website, “Inbox is an email company. Google is an advertising company. This product is our focus, and will not be ‘discontinued’ unexpectedly.” Burn!

Trai increases minimum broadband speed to 512kbps

NEW DELHI: Telecom sector regulator Trai has notified that the minimum broadband speed has been raised to 512 kilobytes per second (kbps) from the earlier 256kbps.

The amendment has been made to the Telecom Consumers Complaint Redressal Regulations, 2012 and the regulations will be called the Telecom Consumers Complaint Redressal (Third Amendment) Regulations, 2014, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) said in a notification.

Accordingly, the new definition of broadband is "a data connection that is able to support interactive services including internet access and has the capability of minimum download speed of 512kbps to an individual subscriber from the point of presence (POP) of the service provider intending to provide broadband service".

Netflix Wants To Hire Someone To Watch Netflix All Day

Netflix is currently hiring a "tagger" to work on facilitating the company's famous recommendation engine for movies and TV shows.
In short, you'd watch a piece of media, then feed the system descriptive tags about it so that it can figure out when and why to recommend it to other potential viewers.

It's a job to watch Netflix all day, then describe what you just watched.

The job description was first noticed by TechRadar:

Tips for Job Seekers from Co Founder of LinkedIn

job hunt 300x395 Tips for Job Seekers from Co Founder of LinkedIn
The game of searching ‘that right job’ isn’t easy; but with some good career advice, it is even not difficult to get through the struggle of job hunting. Reid Hoffman, co-founder and chairman of LinkedIn has talked about some points to follow and some points to not follow while searching job; have a look at these:
Do not prove that you are a ‘Jack of all trades and master of none.’
During your job search or interviews, you might need to answer why you should be hired over others? For such situation Hoffman suggests, “If you try to be the best at everything and better than everyone (that is, if you believe success means ascending one global, mega leader board), you’ll be the best at nothing and better than no one.” For instance, he says, “…Don’t try to be the greatest marketing executive in the world; try to be the greatest marketing executive of small-to-midsize companies that compete in the health care industry.”
So, focus on majors. Accept that you cannot be perfect in everything but you can have mastery in a particular field and this is what you have to convincingly convey the recruiter.

5 problems IT industry wants Budget 2014 to address

The newly elected government seems to have positively affected the investment sentiments in the country. Industry body ASSOCHAM, in a report, said that the new leadership is expected to double the foreign investments to US$ 60 billion. 
While it is hard to miss the air of optimism in the country, longevity of this sentiment dependents on the announcements made in the Union Budget.

IT industry has high hopes with the Union Budget, as the government intent to ride the technology wave to take the development to the next level.

Greyhound Research conducted a small survey among the IT industry decision makers to find out the issues and concerns of the industry.

6 Tips For Running a Successful Internship Program

Each summer, a new group of fresh-faced, eager and energetic interns take over company cubicles and break rooms. While this new summer staff can give your startup an extra set of hands and a lot of energy, figuring out the right way to put them to work for your business while giving them a positive experience can be tricky

Here are six tips to ensure greater success with your internship program this summer:

Infosys, Wipro look to build next generation boards with tech visionaries and corporate leaders

The hunt is on at two of India’s biggest software companies — Infosys and Wipro — for tech visionaries and corporate leaders who can join their boards and reinvigorate them after the exit of several old-timers and co-founders later this year.

While the board of Bangalore-based Infosys will be made up of non-founders for the first time in history, cross-town rival Wipro too is looking to replace at least three of its directors who are set to retire in a few months.

10 ways technology will change world by 2025

As technology changes the way we live our day-to-day lives, it is fascinating to imagine what the future will bring. We may like to imagine one day living on Mars with technology that lets us teleport our toothpaste from CVS and the ability to apparate like Harry Potter.

To help us better imagine what the future holds, Thomson Reuters' Intellectual Property & Science division compiled a report of the 10 innovations they believe will take place by 2025. They looked through research databases to find the top patent fields with the most inventions containing a priority date of 2012 or later.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How to meet deadlines without sabotaging the future

The relatively short history of the Internet is littered with bad ideas and good ideas that were poorly executed. U
nfortunately, bad design or execution is never a guarantee of failure. Otherwise, we would never have had to deal with VeriSign's SiteFinder, CSS, or Lotus Notes.

The best among us will always aim for the optimal outcome of any project, technology, or framework, given the obstacles in play at the time. This usually means compromise and invention in order to deliver a functional result in a suitable timeframe.

How much is Hadoop worth For Google, dollar 80 million

Google Capital, the new investment arm of the search giant, has spent $80 million of its $300 million store to help finance what Brandon Butler of NetworkWorld has called "perhaps the best Hadoop distribution company that many people haven't heard of."

MapR Technologies -- the aformentioned Hadoop company -- has landed $110 million in financing from investors, with Google Capital providing the lion's share of the money. But why MapR, and why Google Capital?

Japanese E Commerce Giant Rakuten Launches dollar 100M Global Investment Fund

Globe by Andy Beatty on Flickr
June is barely over, but Rakuten has already had a busy year. In addition to purchasing messaging app Viber for $900 million, the Japanese consumer Internet conglomerate also made investments in several companies based in Southeast Asia or Japan, including Carousell, Visenze, Coda Payments, and Send Anywhere, from its $10 million fund dedicated to the region.

If immigration reform is dead, so is raising the H 1B cap

In a speech Wednesday on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) declared immigration reform dead.

He chastised and baited Republicans in Congress for blocking reform, and declared that winning the White House without the support of a growing Hispanic population will become mathematically impossible. "The Republican Presidential nominee, whoever he or she may be, will enter the race with an electoral college deficit they cannot make up," said Gutierrez.

Cancel Reliance Jio s broadband spectrum, CAG draft

NEW DELHI: CAG has suggested cancelling nationwide broadband spectrum allocated to Infotel Broadband Services, now a Reliance Industries company, for allegedly rigging the auction and violating rules. 

CAG in a draft report sent to the Department of Telecom for comments, said, "the DoT failed to recognize the tell-tale sign of rigging of the auction right from beginning of the auction" in which a small ISP, Infotel Broadband Services Pvt Ltd (IBSPL) emerged winner of pan-India broadband spectrum by paying 5,000 times of its net worth. 

A Former Facebook Engineer Offers 7 Ridiculous Ways To Fit In In Silicon Valley

The next major thing Silicon Valley needs to disrupt is its own culture, states programmer and former Facebook engineer Carlos Bueno.
What's wrong with it?

"The problem is that Silicon Valley has...created a make-believe cult of objective meritocracy, a pseudo-scientific mythos to obscure and reinforce the belief that only people who look and talk like us are worth noticing," Bueno writes. "After making such a show of burning down the bad old rules of business, the new ones we've created seem pretty similar."

Here is How 7 Top Tech Execs Like Jeff Bezos And Tony Hsieh Handle Email

Because email is one of the predominant methods of professional communication, it's easy to fall behind and find yourself stuck with a cluttered or intimidatingly full inbox.
Email can still be a major hassle even for people who don't get all that much of it, so how do major tech founders and CEO's handle it?

There's a great thread on Quora where people dish about the email habits of some of tech's biggest stars. Here's how they handle email:

Jobs in higher education

People who want to build a good career in future always emphasize on those careers that have a good potential in future. The field of higher education is one such sector that is never going to fade away no matter what the market is like. Hence a large number of people nowadays are opting for a career in higher education. It is to be kept in mind that there are many opportunities in higher education and so a job seeker should be careful enough while making a choice of a career in this sector. Right from research works to

10 New Job Openings in Tech and Digital at HBO, PopSugar and More

Every week, we highlight recently posted openings. Check out this week's newest listings in tech and digital:Looking for a job? The Mashable Job Board is the place to search. With over 3,000 employers, we have a wide variety of top companies seeking talented people to fill job openings in different industries. Also, be sure to read our Job Search Series for career-changing tips.

Top 20 Best Paying Jobs For Women 2014

Careers in business, tech, and healthcare continue to dominate Forbes’ annual ranking of the 20 Best-Paying Jobs For Women —but even roles in these powerhouse industries haven’t overcome the gender wage gap.
To find out which professions are paying women the most, Forbes analyzed data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) tracking the median weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers in 2012, broken down by gender and occupation. Each of these jobs pays median weekly wages of $1,161 or greater, resulting in median yearly earnings of $60,372 and above.

Lack of these six skills can harm your career

Not all important skills are taught in classrooms. Yet these critical life skills may actually be the very foundation on which you build your career. If you lack any of these, you may have to compromise with your professional growth.

Taking decisions

Every moment is a moment of decision. And, poor decision-making will take your career downhill. But do you know how to take a good decision? It is important because as you grow your decisions get bigger and have a huge impact on the organisation and careers of people.

Why Las Vegas is the best city for women in tech

At this point, it's crystal-clear that tech has a diversity problem. 

The issue might be especially bad in Silicon Valley, but a new study from market research company RJMetrics shows that Las Vegas has the highest relative percentage of women versus men in tech. 

RJMetrics used the Meetup data of major tech groups across the country and found that women make up 29% of the tech community overall. In Las Vegas, however, 64.81% of people attending tech meetups were women. It was the only city that had a female majority. 

Best and Worst Cities for Employee Satisfaction

According to the second annual Employment Satisfaction Report Card by City (2014), which was released by Glassdoor, San Jose ranked first for the second consecutive year in a comparison of the 50 largest metropolitan areas by overall employee satisfaction, number of employers hiring, business outlook expectations and other criteria. San Francisco was ranked second in the survey. Both cities are home to several companies that won a 2014 Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award, which recognized the 50 best places to work.

Washington, D.C., climbed five spots to third place, followed by Norfolk, VA., and Salt Lake City, UT. Salt Lake City also ranks first in employee optimism for business outlook. More than half of Salt Lake City employees believe business will improve in the next six months. Local employees report several benefits of working in Salt Lake City, including enjoying a healthy work-life balance, in part comprised of working reasonable hours and being able to take advantage of both urban and outdoor attractions.

The Top 10 Cities for Employee Satisfaction:
1. San Jose
2. San Francisco
3. Washington, D.C.
4. Norfolk, Va.
5. Salt Lake City
6. San Diego
7. Seattle
8. Oklahoma City
9. San Antonio
10. Austin
The Bottom Ten Cities for Employee Satisfaction:
41. Milwaukee
42. Charlotte
43. Riverside, Calif.
44. Portland, Ore.
45. Buffalo
46. Phoenix
47. Tampa
48. Las Vegas
49. Denver
50. Pittsburgh

For fifth year in a row, Google emerges as country s best company to work for, Survey

MUMBAI: If you google 'India's best company to work for', the answer you will get is — Google. For the fifth year in a row, Google India has emerged the country's best company to work for followed by Intel, which remains in second place for the second year. Marriott Hotels is in third spot, a sharp improvement from ninth position last year, replacing American Express, which is in fourth place.

Now in its seventh year, 'India's Best Companies to Work For' is a study conducted by The Economic Times and Great Place to Work Institute, based on a methodology that has been validated the world over. This year, 600 organisations spanning 20 industry categories participated in the survey, of which the top 50 in the list of 'India's Best Companies to Work For' were felicitated at a ceremony in Mumbai on Friday.

Hackers targeting Indian e commerce sites for ransom

BANGALORE: India's fledgling e-commerce industry has become the target of large scale Internet attacks, which are constantly trying to bring down these websites.

According to a recent report by Akamai, e-commerce industry in India has become the second largest target for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by hackers after enterprises.

India saw a 2.6% increase in attack traffic in first quarter, placing it at seventh position among countries with attack traffic, according to the Akamai State of the Internet Report.

8 Hot Startups That Want to Hire You

Though there are both pros and cons to working for startups, a few of the perks truly stand out: Flexible schedules, enviable work/life balance and the chance to work with the best and the brightest in your field, to name a few.With ping pong tables and in-office kegs becoming increasingly synonymous with startup life, it's no wonder that recent graduates and seasoned job seekers alike are flocking to join the ranks of the entrepreneurial.
Below, we spoke with a few notable startups that are currently hiring.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cloud network integration is coming to global cloud services

Mike Sapien, Principal Analyst, Enterprise
Cloud services have been available for several years, and any provider of enterprise services or hardware is now a cloud service provider. Recently, new services have been emerging that offer different versions and types of cloud–network integration (CNI) services. Most cloud services are networks of cloud services or “clouds of clouds.”
To perform well, applications require strong integration and bonds between cloud services and related network services. This includes end user access to the network, as well as network connectivity between the different cloud service resources and vendors. Any telco that wants to remain strong in enterprise managed services must have a roadmap to CNI.

How are the rows of Business Intelligence driving Data Decisions

By Nikhilesh Tiwari

Did you know that a manager in any organization spends an average two hours per working time hunting for data? Half of that information later turns out to be useless, says Cindi Howson in her book on business intelligence, released in 2007.
The sheer volume, variety and velocity of data coming in at any terminal is reaching unprecedented levels now. Data becomes information after it has been processed to add context, relevance and purpose. As companies segregate data into information cells and store them in different formats, one may find that there is vortex of data combinations formed by the billions of rows of data the company has collected and keeps adding.

India big market for consumer electronics,wearable tech, Accenture

India is poised to become a huge market for wearable technology like smartwatches and fitness monitors, driven by keen consumer interest in these latest gadgets and increasing spending on consumer durables, consulting firm Accenture today said. 

According to Accenture's Digital Consumer Tech Survey 2014, respondents from India were most interested in buying fitness monitors (80 per cent), smart watches (76 per cent) and Internet-enabled eyeglasses (74 per cent). 

Nokia Lumia 1520 review, Small step into big boys club

The phablet (big screen phones) segment has mostly been dominated by Android, with Samsung ruling the roost thanks to its Note devices. Even Chinese players like Huawei and Indian brands have tried to capitalize on the new trend. Finnish handset maker Nokia finally seems to have realized late it had missed out on the frenzy. The result is its latest Lumia smartphone, the Lumia 1520. 

The Nokia Lumia 1520 not only features a 6-inch screen, it is also the first Windows Phone 8 device to sport a full-HD display and house a quad-core processor. Interestingly, it is the first device that runs Windows Phone 8 GDR 3 or Black (Nokia's build of the OS), the latest iteration of the mobile operating system. Does the Lumia 1520 have the potential to challenge the Android phablets out there? We try to find out, in our review.