Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lack of these six skills can harm your career

Not all important skills are taught in classrooms. Yet these critical life skills may actually be the very foundation on which you build your career. If you lack any of these, you may have to compromise with your professional growth.

Taking decisions

Every moment is a moment of decision. And, poor decision-making will take your career downhill. But do you know how to take a good decision? It is important because as you grow your decisions get bigger and have a huge impact on the organisation and careers of people.
Therefore, ask yourself three questions every time: Will it take you a step ahead towards your career goal? Will it enhance your profile? And, finally, will it generate avenues for growth? Then compare the costs of your decision versus the benefits it will generate for your company, team and you.

What is the possibility of success and by when do you expect the desired outcome? Can you handle the consequences of a failur .. 

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