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Calcium pills may double heart attack risk

Washington, May 24 (ANI): Calcium supplements may increase the risk of having a heart attack by two-fold and should be 'taken with caution', researchers say.
The findings also indicate that, increasing an overall calcium intake from dietary sources confers no significant advantage in terms of staving off heart disease and stroke.
Previous research has linked higher calcium intake with a decreased risk of high blood pressure, obesity, and type 2 diabetes, all of which are risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

A Five Year Update, The State of the Web in India

Since this 2006 article on RWW about the Top Web Apps in India, a lot has happened in the Indian web industry. Some new entrants have made a mark for themselves and some existing ones have strengthened their market positions, while still others got lost somewhere in between. We take a homegrown look at the changes in India during the past five years.
First, some quick stats. According to a report, Internet in India 2011, published by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) as well as a short video published by Nielsen:

College Degrees, More and More, They are Just a Piece of Paper

ImageFaking a computer science degree cost Scott Thompson his CEO job. But with one notable exception, most observers thought he was doing OK, under lousy circumstances.Sure, the lying was wrong, but apart from that, would Thompson’s lack of a computer science degree have hurt his career? Does having the right degree - or any degree - really matter that much any more?
There’s plenty of evidence that in a world where a 9-year-old can write an iPhone app, degrees may be obsolete. After all, Bill Gates and Michael Dell did just fine without finishing college, and dropouts like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson have questioned the value of traditional education. Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel is offering standout youngsters $100,000 in angel investments to start companies instead of going to college.

Sign o the Times IBM, SAP Now Support Microsoft s Standardization Move

It's perhaps the one way that database interaction can work reliably using any format, any server and any client on the Web today. It happens to be a protocol created by Microsoft. But in a symbol of how Microsoft is now perceived today as just another major player instead of a dominant force, the leading platform makers are joining Microsoft in a formal move to standardize OData, the Open Data Protocol. The reason Microsoft and IBM are no longer fighting over this? The real competition is no longer just amongst these old-line technology companies, but largely between them and a new breed of competitors often based around new mobile devices and consumer platforms.

6 Time Management Strategies for Startups

Many startups seem to be powered solely by excitement over the new business (occasionally mixed with some Red Bull and Starbucks). Startup founders typically devote every waking moment to their companies, and probably even dream about it too. But while pure passion can propel entrepreneurs 24/7 for a while, eventually even the most committed startup teams need to learn to manage their time.
Burnout is one obvious danger of poor time management. But even more important is the risk that something important will fall through the cracks. If you fail to respond to a potential partner or prospect in a timely fashion because there’s too much on your plate, you could be blowing a make-or-break opportunity.

Microsoft wins ruling against Motorola over texting

A German regional court ruled in a hearing on Thursday that Motorola Mobility(GOOG.O) infringed Microsoft(MSFT.O) patents by offering the option on its mobile phones to send a longer text in a batch of several messages.
"We're pleased the court agreed today that Motorola has infringed Microsoft's intellectual property, and we hope Motorola will be willing to join other Android device makers by taking a license to our patents," Microsoft said in a statement, referring to Google's Android operating system for mobile phones.

Cannot resist fatty foods, Blame it on your genes

Washington, May 24 (ANI): Researchers say people with variations in certain "obesity genes" tend to eat more meals and snacks, consume more calories per day and often choose the same types of high fat, and sugary foods.
According to researchers from The Miriam Hospital's Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center, certain variations within the FTO and BDNF genes - which have been previously linked to obesity - may play a role in eating habits that can cause obesity.

Nano s Mango Achār

Editor's Note: Sarah is a Pakistan born American who loves food,spices, nutrition and has a PhD on integrative medicine studying the affect of Ayurveda, Chinese and Allopathic medicine on Diabetes Type II. This intrepid foodie went transcontinental in trying to trace and recreate that exact mango pickle recipe her grandmother made. Sarah recalls this sojourn from her memory buds. She says,’the act of reinventing her recipe is a refuge, ritual, thread and silsila (chain) back to her with a hint, dash and a pinch of improvisation thrown in over time. Truly, a  united subcontinent of the mango!
Though I don't remember my Nano, my mother's mother, when I re-create her mango pickle dish, I taste her memory. Apparently my Nano pampered me during my first two years of life. Rumor has it that my family hoped that I, the third child, would be the first son. When I fell ill after birth, Nano frantically prayed for my recovery and regretted that she had ever thought I should be a boy. She passed away a few years after my parents, two sisters and I planted ourselves in New England.

Flashback, Mr India movie

Mr India
Superhero flicks come and go, but Mr India holds a special place in the heart of a movie buff.  The sizzling on screen chemistry between Anil Kapoor and Sridevi, Amrish Puri’s  Mogambo, the bunch of kids – everything went in favor of this flick.

Why they won the Indian Premier League

By Jaideep Varma and Jatin Thakkar

Three teams have won the IPL so far - Rajasthan Royals, Deccan Chargers and Chennai Super Kings (twice). This is an attempt to find the common thread between these 3 sides, and try and examine what it possibly takes to win the longest competitive league in cricket history. 

Fending off fitness fatigue

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Runners stumble, yogis yawn, and even the bulkiest body builders get bored.
But fitness experts say there are specific tricks to help people get and stay motivated.
Connecticut-based exercise physiologist Tom Holland, who has coached clients on everything from losing weight to climbing mountains to running marathons, said set a date.
"Whether it's a wedding or a race or a reunion, there has to be a date," said Holland, author of "Beat the Gym: Personal Trainer Secrets Without the Personal Trainer Price Tag."
"We need clear, defined goals," he added. "A new year's resolution or a desire to lose weight is not enough."

Friday, May 25, 2012

11 tips for a great work review

It's never too early to start earning a superior performance review. When you set goals and take steps to meet initiatives, you have a better chance of driving your own career. If you want a stellar performance review next year, start thinking about how you can make a positive impact at work. In his book, Better than Average: Excelling in a Mediocre World, Todd Brockdorf offers 11 suggestions (because 10 is average) for making an impression: By Miriam Salpeter | U.S.News & World Report LP

Understand expectations and exceed them

1. Understand expectations and exceed them. Always make a point to ask clarifying questions to be sure you understand the task at hand--and then over-deliver. "Know when the work product is expected so that you can properly prioritize your tasks," says Brockdorf. "If your boss asks you to complete your monthly report by the close of business on the first Friday of the month, send it on Thursday." When you provide something unexpected, you will leave a positive and lasting impression.

Monthly Predictions May 2012 for all the signs


You will have to give priority to domestic matters this month, which means you will have to put professional issues on hold. Don't expect any dramatic changes. Your life will flow smoothly, health and finances will not pose any problem and your mind will be at peace. In the latter part of the month, though, with some planets going retrograde, things may slow down. And, you may even see a negative impact on your job and love life, but not on finances. Ganesha assures you that it is going to be nothing serious. However, you must avoid taking important decisions during this time. You may also be in a double mind about your love relationships. Take the down time as the breather that may actually reinforce your bonding. Steer clear of speculation. Rather, take to spirituality to calm down. The important dates this month are 7, 8, 16, 17, 26, 27.

Natural Wonders,Tender Coconut Water

Natural Wonders–Tender Coconut Water
Nature really went all out when creating the wonderful and full-of-goodness tender coconut water – the liquid found in young or unripe coconuts. This mildly sweet tasting drink is easily available in India, especially south India, and makes for a delicious and refreshing beverage.

Yoga breathing for better health

Take a deep breath

Breathing is something that comes to us naturally. Without it, life doesn’t exist and it forms an important part in managing the metabolic activities of the body by conditioning the intake of oxygen through every breath.
Sufficient amounts of oxygen in the blood support the function of all organs of the body, maintain optimum health and further prevent the occurrence of many diseases by boosting immunity.
Removal of toxic substances from the body is aided by the oxygen dissolved in the blood. Proper functioning of nerves, organs and the brain are all carried out by oxygen. Hypoxia-or inadequate levels of oxygen in the blood are linked to many diseases – all of which can be potentially dangerous.

The importance of breathing in yoga

Amazing new species discovered this year

A blue tarantula, a sneezing monkey and the Spongebob Squarepants mushroom - meet some of the amazing new species discovered this year.

Amazing new species discovered this year

Oh Boy! Jellyfish
Credit: Ned Deloach
The striking beauty of the Bonaire banded box jellyfish belies its venomous sting. The jelly was discovered in the waters off the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean; the species was named Tamoya ohboya by a teacher as part of a citizen science project, with the assumption that someone stung would exclaim "Oh boy!" The jellyfish is one of a small group of perhaps 50 box-jellyfish species. Unlike other jellyfish, the box jellies have vision.

Amazing new species discovered this year

Sneezin' in the Rain
Credit: Thomas Geissmann/Fauna & Flora International
A previously unknown type of snub-nosed monkey, discovered in northern Myanmar and dubbed Rhinopithecus strykeri, has a nose so upturned that the animals sneeze audibly when it rains. To avoid inhaling water, the monkeys supposedly sit with their heads tucked between their knees on drizzly days, according to local hunters. The species, shown here in a Photoshop reconstruction based on a Yunnan snub-nosed monkey and a carcass of the newly discovered species.

Amazing new species discovered this year

Hellish Hot
Credit: A. G. Borgonie, Ghent University, Belgium
With a length of just 0.02 inches (0.5 millimeters), these tiny nematodes called Devil's worm are the deepest terrestrial multicellular organisms on Earth. The worms were discovered at a depth of nearly a mile (1.3 kilometers) in a South African gold mine; the species was named Halicephalobus mephisto for the Faust legend of the devil, as the new species must survive immense underground pressure and devilish-hot temperatures.

Amazing new species discovered this year

Pink Beads
Credit: B. G. Borgonie, Ghent University, Belgium
Glass beads where the nematodes, called Devil's worm, were found living in the brownish-colored bacterial biofilm.

Amazing new species discovered this year

Ants Beware!
Credit: C. van Achterberg
This new species of parasitic wasp cruises at just under a half-inch (1 centimeter) above the ground in Madrid, Spain, in search of its target: other ants. With a target in sight, the teensy wasp attacks from the air like a tiny dive-bomber, depositing an egg in less than one-20th of a second.

Amazing new species discovered this year

Funky Fungus
Credit: Thomas Bruns
A funky new mushroom species "lives in the rain forest, under a tree," and researchers say it's nearly as strange as its SpongeBob SquarePants namesake. Shaped like a sea sponge, the bright orange (and sometimes purple) mushroom, Spongiforma squarepantsii, was discovered in the forests of Sarawak, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo.

Amazing new species discovered this year

Wandering Leg Sausage
Credit: G. Brovad
A giant millipede about the length of a sausage bears the common name "wandering leg sausage," which also is at the root of its Latin name: Crurifarcimen vagans. The species holds a new record as the largest millipede, extending 6.3 inches or 16, found in one of the world's biodiversity hotspots, Tanzania's Eastern Arc Mountains.

Amazing new species discovered this year

Lots 'O Limbs
Credit: G. Brovad
The new species of millipede is about 0.6 inches (1.5 centimeters) in diameter with 56 more or less podous rings, or body segments bearing ambulatory limbs, each with two pairs of legs.

Amazing new species discovered this year

Walking Cactus
Credit: Jianni Liu
Although this new species looks more like a "walking cactus" than an animal at first glance, Diania cactiformis belongs to an extinct group called the armored Lobopodia, which had wormlike bodies and multiple pairs of legs. The animal lived about 520 million years ago, with its fossil discovered in southwestern China.

Amazing new species discovered this year

Night Stalker
Credit: Jaap Vermeulen
A slender night stalker is one way to describe this rare orchid from Papua New Guinea whose flowers open around 10 p.m. at night and close early the next morning, hence it's common name, night-blooming orchid. Bulbophyllum nocturnum, as it is referred to in its Latin name, is thought to be the first night-blooming orchid recorded among the more than 25,000 known species of orchids.

Amazing new species discovered this year

Blue Tarantula
Credit: Rogério Bertani/ Instituto Butantan
Breathtakingly beautiful, this iridescent hairy blue tarantula is the first new animal species from Brazil to be named on the top 10 list. Pterinopelma sazimai is not the first or only blue tarantula but truly spectacular and from "island" ecosystems on flattop mountains.

Amazing new species discovered this year

Lofty Poppy
Credit: Paul Egan
One of the top 10 new species, the Nepalese autumn poppy, or Meconopsis autumnalis, shown here flowering in the wild at more than 13,000 feet (4,000 meters) in Nepal, Himalaya.

Why the petrol price hike is a good thing

Petrol prices were raised again recently, by Rs. 7.5 and the hike leaves the country seething, except those that drive diesel cars. And to make the diesel owners wince a little, the government will decide the fate of that fuel too, in a meeting soon. While there is outrage about this "unprecedented" price hike, let me play devil's advocate and temper down some of the most vehement arguments against this increase.
Petrol Prices

Ready to move in versus under construction homes

Buying a home is the most important decision for a majority of people. It is an exhaustive process involving loan application, site inspection, property inspection, myriad regulations, and search for the right locality. It is imperative that people spend so much time in acquiring a roof over their head as this is their biggest expense.
One factor that is often overlooked in the frenzy of sleek marketing and flashy advertisements is the option of choosing a ready to move in property. The reason is that there is hardly any advertisement for such properties. However, a little research will go a long way in providing home buyers this choice.

Death Of The PC, Not Yet, Despite Bad News from HP and Dell

Maybe that PC on your desk is a thing of the past. You'd be forgiven for thinking so, given recent news from the tech sector. Hewlett-Packard, top PC maker in the world, has announced that it expects to cut 27,000 jobs, or roughly 8 percent of its 350,000 employees, by October 2014.
Meanwhile, other PC companies have their own difficulties. Dell also reported this week that its profit fell 33 percent in the first quarter, causing its stock to plummet. Add to that the fact that tablet sales are booming, on pace to nearly double their 2011 sales, according to information technology research firm Gartner. Still, data show that it's not yet time to eulogize PCs. Rather, it may simply be time for HP to bid farewell to an ineffectual business model, say technology experts.

Britain s best sporting museums

The head of the International Olympic Committee described Britain as "the nation that invented modern sport" ahead of the 2012 Olympics, and rightly so. Britain is hugely proud of its sporting heritage, with many of the world's most popular sports able to trace their origins back to the UK. If you want to learn more about Britain's prestigious pedigree when it comes to sports, check out these ten great sporting museums around the UK.
Wimbledon Museum

Would cut petrol prices if crude prices fall, IOC

New Delhi, May 24 (IANS) Amidst country-wide outrage over the steepest rise of petrol prices by Rs.7.5 a litre, Indian Oil Corp Thursday said it will not roll back the hike and may cut prices only if global crude prices come down.
IOC Chairman R.S. Butola said the company was not under any pressure from the government and that it could review petrol prices in early June.
He admitted that the price hike is a huge burden for the consumers."But if international prices come down, we would pass on the benefit to consumers," he added.
"We are committed to do that," Butola said hours after opposition parties called a national one-day strike for next week to protest the hike.
The state-run oil marketing companies Wednesday raised petrol prices by Rs.6.28 a litre, exclusive of sales and value added tax, to bring some respite to their financials.

Microsofts social network now open to all

Image Microsoft has opened up its So.clsocial networking service to the general public, which lets users share and comment on interesting search results and connect with "like-minded" people. 

It is targeted at students and had earlier been restricted to invitees at universities and schools in the US. 

The service integrates with Facebook and is being pitched as an "experiment" rather than a rival to other networks. 

Samsung Galaxy S III, Inspired by Nature, Not Lawyers

Samsung’s Galaxy S III wasn’t designed by the company’s lawyers, though they surely approved it. And speculation that it was carefully crafted to dodge Apple’s trade dress patent infringement claims is silly.
So says Samsung design VP Chang Dong-hoon, who today took exception with claims that the Galaxy S III is “the first smartphone designed entirely by lawyers.” According to Dong-hoon, the Galaxy S III boasts a design that has gone through hundreds of iterations, all quarterbacked by Samsung’s market-leading design team. “Our change in smartphone design is part of a five-year plan, not a sudden turnaround,” he told reporters at the 2012 Seoul Digital Forum.

4G services, Bharti Airtel to acquire 49 percent stake in Qualcomm

Image Sunil Mittal led Bharti Airtel on Thursday announced that it will acquire 49 per cent stake in Qualcomm's Inc's fourth-generation (4G) broadband venture in the country for $165 million. 

Bharti Airtel will buy a 26 per cent stake held by two Indian partners in the Qualcommbroadband venture and the remaining by subscribing to fresh equity, the company said in statement. 

Sony launches Xperia U, Xperia P, Xperia Sola in India

Sony Mobile Communications has officially launched three new Xperia smartphones in the country: Xperia U and P, and Xperia Sola. The smartphones were initially unveiled at the Xperia S launch last month. 

Sony Xperia U has a 3.5 inch scratch-resistant TFT touchscreen with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels and is powered by a 1 GHz STE U8500 dual-core processor. The smartphone runs onGoogle Android 2.3 operating system (upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich promised). There's a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus, 16x digital zoom and LED flash. The phone has 8 GB internal memory and 512 MB RAM. The smartphone is priced at Rs 17, 399. 

How India is hurting Dell

 Weaker performance in India brought down Dell's first-quarter earnings in the Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) region as the company's revenue in the region stood at $3.1 billion, down 0.5% sequentially. 

"Demand was down in many countries, most noticeably India, which affected the results," said Amit Midha, president, APJ, Dell. Globally, the revenue fell 4% to $14.4 billion. First quarter profit declined by 33% to $635 million from $945 million in the same quarter last year.

World s smallest artificial heart

Italian doctors have saved the life of a 16-month-old boy by implanting the world's smallest artificial heart to keep the infant alive until a donor was found for a transplant.The doctors at Rome's Bambino Gesu hospital said the operation was carried out last month and made public this week. The baby, whose identity has not been disclosed, was kept alive for 13 days before the transplant and is now doing well.The baby was suffering from dilated myocardiopathy, a heart muscle disease which normally causes stretched or enlarged fibers of the heart. The disease gradually makes the heart weaker, stopping its ability to pump blood effectively."This is a milestone," surgeon Antonio Amodeo told Reuters television, adding that while the device was now used as bridge leading to a transplant, in the future it could be permanent.The tiny titanium pump weighs only 11 grams and can handle a blood flow of 1.5 liters a minute. An artificial heart for adults weighs 900 grams.The hospital needed special permission from Jarvik and the Italian health ministry before going ahead with the procedure.(REUTERS)

An Italian heart surgeon holds the world's smallest artificial heart, which was implanted in a baby, in Rome

Improve Your Car s Fuel Efficiency

Be it UPA, BJP or any other acronym at the Centre, petrol prices will again head northwards. We can only feel helpless in the face of recurring and economy-driven price fluctuations.  Seeking measures to improve fuel economy is the only way to combat rising fuel prices. Do not disregard these simple guidelines; each little step can really start adding up to significant savings to your budget.

5 ways to impress your boss

Are you too worried about the threat of nuclear war to notice that your own house is burning down? Too often, people spend more time at work concerned with things they have no control over, to the detriment of competently dealing with the things they do. While it may be true that rapid changes in the marketplace have kept many on edge for what tomorrow may bring, it's important to stay focused on what's happening now. This, of course, doesn't mean you shouldn't plan for tomorrow. It just means that the best way to prepare for tomorrow is by taking care of today. To impress your boss and get your work done efficiently, begin by prioritizing your workload. This will mean different things for different people. Perhaps you need to cut checks that are due on Friday. If it's now Thursday, you should focus on this task rather than the financial statements due at the end of the quarter. Sometimes what is due first doesn't necessarily need to be done first. Using this system for prioritizing can have its pitfalls. Smaller projects that don't require much time and sweat-equity can often be tabled when larger projects loom. So, what should you do first? Well, that's a question you'll have to answer yourself. Here are five suggestions to help you balance priorities:

5 suggestions to impress your boss

To impress your boss and get your work done efficiently, begin by prioritizing your workload. This will mean different things for different people. Perhaps you need to cut checks that are due on Friday. If it's now Thursday, you should focus on this task rather than the financial statements due at the end of the quarter. So, what should you do first? Well, that's a question you'll have to answer yourself. Here are five suggestions to help you balance priorities:

Infertility, Prevent And Tackle

There's an alarming growth of infertility among young Indian women. What are the top reasons for it, when should you raise an alarm and visit a specialist? Here's some know-how.

Ask Dr Kaberi

Women are born with a fixed pool of eggs: One to two million at birth, 3,00,000-5,00,000 at puberty, which reduces to about 25,000 when a woman turn 37, and further goes down to 1,000 by the time she hits menopause. From 32, the ability to conceive per monthly cycle decreases gradually but significantly, and goes down rapidly after 37 - which shows a decrease in the egg quality. Lack of sexual activity is also a contributing factor.

How to know if someone is lying

We have all done it and also know that many people do it to us too.
Many of us are good at decoding when being lied to while some of us struggle to identify liars. Thus, it makes sense in knowing a bit about how to decipher if somebody is lying. The following tips will help you identify a liar:

1. Get Started with Reading the Liar’s Body Language

Amar Chitra Katha for the IPad Gen

Arjun: The Warrior Prince
Rating: 4/5
Arjun: The Warrior Prince is a kaleidoscopic dazzler of what the possibilities are if thought and aesthetics are applied to our bottomless reserve of mythological wealth

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jet likely to order 100 planes for dollar 3.75 bln CAPA

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Jet Airways (NSI:JETAIRWAYS) is expected to order more than 100 narrow-body aircraft for up to $3.75 billion in 2012/13 as the largest Indian carrier grabs market share from its troubled rivals, a leading consultancy said.
The airline is understood to be actively evaluating Airbus's (PAR:EAD.PA - News) narrow-body A320 aircraft, and is likely to lease up to 10 A330s to support expansion of its European network, the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) said in a report.

What Is Wrong With Facebook s IPO

Facebook's stock had been in a free fall since it hit the public markets.
This morning, it's actually up, but the company isn't out of the woods just yet.
What exactly is happening here? Why was the stock falling? And why does the IPO suddenly look like a disaster?
Some of you already know the answers to those questions. For the rest of you, we have this simple guide, which tries to the best of our ability to explain everything that's going on in clear, plain English.

Door may still not be fully shut on Kapil

New Delhi: Specific cases of individual players regarding the one-time benefit were not discussed at the previous BCCI working committee meeting, at which the scheme was approved. So to say that Kapil Dev or any other player has been completely ruled out of the scheme is not exactly correct, a top Board official said on Wednesday.

HP to lay off about 27,000, profit slides 31 pct

 Hewlett Packard Co plans to lay off roughly 27,000 employees or about 8 percent of its workforce over the next couple of years to jumpstart growth and save up to $3.5 billion annually, sending its shares 11 percent higher.
The company said the layoffs would be made mainly through early retirement and would generate annual savings of $3 billion to $3.5 billion as it exits fiscal year 2014, when the layoffs are expected to the completed.
The world's No. 1 personal computer maker, which employs more than 300,000 people globally, also said on Wednesday that it had a 31 percent decline in second-quarter profit and a 3 percent decline in revenue, compared with a year ago.

See, where Apple, Samsung phones still can not beat BlackBerry

Along with firearms, radio and other standard-issue gear, Constable Ken Koke's police cruiser comes equipped with portable technology made by Research In Motion Ltd that he says has become an important tool in policing rural Canada

Koke, with the Chatham-Kent police force in southwestern Ontario, uses RIM's PlayBook to run checks on vehicles and suspects. Unlike his old laptop, the tablet is portable enough to take out of the car to record evidence at crime scenes. 

52 Changes to Google in April Smarter, Local and More Relevant

Every month, Google makes tons of tiny changes to the way search works. It shares them in company blog posts that present a list of carefully scripted bullet points with mysterious code names in an inscrutable order. Google never comments on the changes beyond these announcements, but it's always informative to spread the puzzle pieces out on the table and see what Google is up to. Here's what changed in April.
We thought there were a lot of changes in March, but April was even bigger. Google changed 52 things about its search algorithm last month. As usual, you don't need to worry about a bunch of them. But the most interesting of the latest search changes fall into three important categories.

Yahoo moves to reclaim Internet search crown

Yahoo! on Wednesday set out to reclaim the Internet search crown from Google with the release of software that transforms the way users explore the Web using Apple's coveted gadgets. 

A Yahoo! Axis application was introduced for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices and also as "plug-in" software for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and other Web browsers featuring HTML-5 graphics capabilities. 

"Yahoo! is still very much in search," special projects product management director Ethan Batraski said while giving AFP an advance look at Axis. "We continue to flourish." 

West Bengal keen on Infosys unit in state

 West Bengal government on Wednesday finalised its IT policy at the meeting of the cabinet standing committee on industries. Informing this, IT minister Partha Chatterjee told reporters at Writers' Buildings that the new incentive schemes for IT industry will be announced within a fortnight.

He also said that they have urged Infosys co-founderNR Narayana Murthy to come to Kolkata and hold talks with the government to set up their unit in the state. 

Foods for Younger Looking Skin

Foods that Are Good for Your Skin

As the saying goes, we are what we eat… Now this can work to your advantage or disadvantage, depending on the foods and beverages you choose to indulge in. What you put on your plate has power to improve your skin, so here are my top 10 beauty foods


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids that have been found to have positive effects on inflammation, depression, heart disease and more, salmon has beauty benefits for your skin as well. Our bodies don’t have the ability to produce some essential fatty acids, so including them in your diet helps reinforce your skin’s barrier and keep moisture in and irritants out. Omega-3 fatty acids can help decrease inflammation, so salmon is a great choice for those who suffer from rosacea or eczema.

Seven Job Posting Red Flags

By Charles Purdy, Monster Senior Editor

Wondering whether a job post is worth applying to? If you're afraid that a job ad sounds either too good to be true or just plain fishy, certain cautionary signs in the posting could confirm your suspicion. Of course, one or two of these red flags don't always mean something is wrong, but if the clues start to pile up, you may want to proceed with caution. Here are seven signs to watch out for.

1. The job was posted months ago, or the job is constantly reposted.

Here s What Happened When This Guy Tried To Pay A dollar 114,000 Student Loan In Cash

Last week, a Reddit user posted a photo of a $114,000 student loan bill—paid in cash—that elicited thousands of comments and dozens more when we posted it here. 
Since then, the anonymous alum has stepped forward as Alex Kenjeev, a 2009 law school graduate of the University of Toronto.
Kenjeev, who works for venture capitalist firm O'Leary Ventures, told Business Insider the $114,000 payment was the last chunk left of $190,000 in loans he took out during school.

The Happiest Countries in the World

For the second year in a row, 24/7 Wall St. examined the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s report on life satisfaction in the developed world. Economic prosperity, health and a strong social support network continue to correspond highly with happiness. Once again, the United States fails to make the top 10 happiest nations in the world, while countries like Australia, Israel and all of the Scandinavian nations do.

The OECD measured more than 30 sets of data in 11 different categories, including education, health and employment. The study also asked residents of each country to rank, on a scale of 1 to 10, their general satisfaction with their lives. 24/7 Wall St. examined the 10 countries with the highest life satisfaction scores to find the strongest factors related to happiness.

20 Habits That will Get You Fit for Summer

Want to lose weight and get in shape? Here are 20 ways to get thereWant to lose weight and get in shape? Here are 20 ways to get thereWe've all been there: Despite exercising and watching what you eat, the elastic in your workout shorts seems to be as tight as your hamstrings. "Ninety-five percent of the active people I work with want to lose some weight," says Cassie Dimmick, M.S., R.D., a sports dietitian and running coach in Springfield, Missouri. 

Getting lean requires the same trait that makes you get up at 5 a.m. for a workout: discipline. You need to be vigilant about your diet and consistent with exercise so that you maximize calorie burn, increase muscle mass, and decrease body fat. Luckily, it's easier than it sounds when you employ these tactics from dietitians and coaches. Get ready to lose!