Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Microsoft Launches Dedicated Online Store through Amazon India

Microsoft has planned to substantially increase retail presence in India over the coming months. The company has now taken its first step towards this plan by launching a dedicated online store dubbed the Microsoft Store through Amazon India's website.
This means that the company's online store is not available on a standalone website, but in partnership with Amazon. This doesn't exactly replicate the business model that we've seen in regions like the U.S., where Microsoft single-handedly manages the retail aspect of the business as well.
Through this Amazon India microsite, customers can access a wide range of Microsoft products including Windows Phones, Xbox consoles with games, Windows computers/laptops (almost entirely Lenovo), tablets, accessories etc. The company is yet to launch the Surface Pro tablets officially in India, but one can expect to find them here anytime soon with the dedicated store going live now. Interested customers can also find all of Microsoft's latest software products like Windows 8.1 and Office 365 through this store.

Microsoft is currently offering attractive combo promotions on the Xbox One by giving away three games for free along with an additional controller worth Rs 3,999. It's quite a nifty offer for gamers and we hope to find similar offers on smartphones and computers as well.

Microsoft's smartphone presence in India can be largely accredited to Nokia's Lumia devices that have launched over the past couple of years. But with the Nokia branding now being removed from Lumia devices, Microsoft has to handle the marketing of its smartphones on its own. Head over to the store below and see if there's anything you like from the large list of Microsoft products.

[Amazon - Microsoft Store]

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