Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to send, share heavy files

Email service providers limit the size of the files you can attach to 25MB. That becomes a problem if you have too many photos or videos to send. Most people get round the problem by sending the files in batches, though it is annoying for the sender as well as the receiver.

Cloud-based storage systems have made the task easier. Users of Google Drive, SkyDrive of Microsoft and Dropbox can share files uploaded to them with another user. So no need to send any file. You can also attach a file directly from Google Drive to Gmail.
SkyDrive offers free storage space of 7GB, Google Drive 5GB and Dropbox 2.5GB which goes up gradually as an incentive with usage.

Yahoo recently tied up with Dropbox to make the task simpler. The attachments received on Yahoo Mail can be saved to Dropbox, and files in Dropbox can be attached to Yahoo Mail. Attachments more than 25MB can also be attached to Yahoo Mail but sent via Dropbox.

YouSendIt is another popular cloud storage device. Users upload photos to it, and send the link to the receiver, who can click on the link and download the photos to his or her computer.

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