Monday, November 19, 2012

Google employees engagement on Google+ low

Nearly one-third of Google employees haven't updated their profiles on the firm's social networking site Google+ in the past month, according to a tracking tool.

According to Google Plus Ghosts, a website that launched this week to track how active Googlersare on Google+, about a fifth of Google employees haven't posted to Google+ in the past three months.

The figures, however, do not take into account private updates that Googlers may post to Google+, Mashable reports.
Yousaf Sekander, the brainchild of the website, said that if Google wants to boost engagement on Google+, it might want to start by encouraging its own employees to be more active in posting to the social network.

"Employee engagement on Google+ is discouragingly low," the report quoted Sekander, as saying.

"If Google employees can't even muster enough enthusiasm to log onto their own social network every once in a while, what hope is there for ordinary users?" Sekander added.

According to the report, overall, Google+ reportedly has about 100 million monthly active users, but several studies have raised doubts about how active these users really are.

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