Saturday, December 14, 2013

97 percent of under age group are indulged in mobile movie viewing

As more and more young consumers look at mobile viewing to be an easy option, companies are also coming up with improved solutions to make this experience better. Due to this growing trend, young population need to also look at building skills which will be useful to organisations offering mobile viewing solutions. In conversation with, Arun Prakash, COO, Vuclip, shares his views on the various advantages of mobile viewing and much more…
Why, according to you, are the youth in India continuously shifting focus from PCs to laptops to mobile phones and tablets? What has been the rate of mobile phone accessibility among the youth today? 

Many in India, especially the youth have directly caught on to the mobile phones. They really never had the opportunity to experience the desktop world. Others who have had exposure to the desktops have also been quick to embrace the mobile phones and tablets because they are more personal and portable. Today, with the advances in technology, mobile phones or tablets can offer similar media experiences as the desktops. But most exciting factor for youth is that mobile phones empower them to consume information and entertainment in ‘real time’. These portable devices also fuel social conversations by letting them be in touch with friends and families through social networks anytime and anywhere.

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