Saturday, December 14, 2013

Collaboration improves team productivity

Over the years, one has witnessed a sea change in the kind of competition that companies face – which undoubtedly has also brought tremendous amount of competition among the workforce. As a result, keeping a cautious eye towards the company’s/employees’ productivity has also become very crucial. Team collaboration, therefore, has become extremely important, according to industry experts.
Time and again, industry experts in different discussion forums across the globe have talked about how team collaboration increases efficiency, productivity and therefore, reduces company costs. A lot of companies have taken this view seriously and implemented special processes towards building an efficient team and improve collaboration. Here, it’s imperative to ask some simple questions to find out the current status of the necessary collaboration.

Can your team…
  1. Find all the information related to a specific task?
  2. Quickly grasp the Who, What, When and Why of team activities?
  3. Bring new team members up-to-speed quickly?
  4. Overcome the barriers of multiple time zones when working with outsourced and distributed team members?

Collaboration need not always happen within the closed doors of the company, it can also take place in different forums, conferences, and mostly importantly over social media platforms i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. For example, if it’s an IT company, any discussion around software development, generation of new ideas and innovations, everything can now take place on social media platforms and employees across geographic boundaries can participate in these discussions and thereby, collaborate!

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