Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Google relaunches Good to Know website

 Days after The New York Times and Wall Street Journal said Chinese hackers had infiltrated its computers and hacked email accounts of its reporters, search engine giant Google said it has updated its 'Good to Know' website with the latest information on web security and threats. 

Google said its efforts are primarily aimed at helping web users stay away from malicious content and online criminals by offering tips and advices through the re-launched website. 
"Everyday we warns our users about thousands of malicious websites, but the thing is you don't have to be a computer scientist to understand these and stay safe online. The 'Good to Know' website will have recommendations, advices, and other information about the internet and it's security," said Eddie Chung, program manager at Google Security team. 

Recommendations from Google, for instance, include setting up a two-step login verification process for its email service Gmail and creating passwords made up of numbers, letters and symbols. Chung said Google invests hundreds of millions of dollars on cyber security and it constantly engages with web developers for information. Last year, the Mountain View, California-based firm had acquired internet security start-up Virustotal. 

Google's cyber-security efforts will be relevant to India, which is the world's largest source of spam according to a recent Cisco report. Google said Gmail has about 50 million users in India as of now. The updated 'Good to Know' website will be launched on the World Safer Internet Day, celebrated on February 5th.

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