Saturday, June 8, 2013

Are Programmers In C,Cpp More Preferred At Google Than Programmers In Java Forbes

AreProgrammersIn C/C++ More Preferred At Google ThanProgrammersIn Java?
If there are twoprogrammerswho are equally good, but one knows Java and the other knows C++, Google Google would hire both. Really. But, does Google prefer, on the margin, C++ over Java? Not really. Java is actually easier in some ways in that you won’t have to worry about memory management and pointers in an interview. On the other hand, you’re also unlikely to understand computer architecture as well if you don’t know C++.

As far as working there, Google uses both Java and C++. They have little reason to prefer one over the other. And, more importantly, languages just don’t matter that much.
Should you switch from one language to the other? No. It’s probably a waste of your time. Frankly, if you define your programming ability by what languages you know, that’s a bad sign as far as your odds of getting hired at the top tech companies.
Focus on getting experience that matters (doing more projects, etc) and on prepping for your interviews. That’s a much better use of your time.

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