Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yahoo dumped by BT over hacking vulnerability

 A British telecom company has ditched the third-largest email provider, YahooMail, as its default email service, keeping in view the service's vulnerability to getting hacked.

Online director for British Telecom's consumer division, Nick Wong, said the company would be switching the email of its six million customers over to its own BT Mail, which will incorporate all the features and functions of a modern email service, reports Huffington Post.
Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer, who is on a spree to transform the fading company having a 280 million-user base worldwide, recently took overTumblr and relies heavily on maintaining its email users to generate advertising revenue.

According to the report, Yahoo Mail is still plagued with security vulnerabilities as customers complained of increase in spam mails and accounts getting hacked.

The problem with Yahoo Mail's security is its lack of two-factor authentication -- a feature that sends additional one-time password to the user's mobile phone. Gmail and have the same process.

Chester Wisniewski, a senior adviser at the security firm Sophos, said that Yahoo may lose more clients but it won't lead to a mass exodus, the report added.

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