Saturday, June 8, 2013

Official says data show US cyberattacks on China

China's Internet security chief has told state media that Beijing has amassed large amounts of data about US-based hacking attacks against China but refrains from blaming the White House or thePentagon because it would be irresponsible.

The state-run English-language China Daily reported Wednesday that Huang Chengqing, director of the government's Internet emergency response agency, said Beijing and Washington should cooperate rather than confront each other in the fight against cyberattacks. Huang also calls for mutual trust.
High-tech spying from inside China will top the agenda when President Barack Obamameets with Chinese President Xi Jinping this weekend in California. The White House sees cybersecurity as a leading threat to the U.S economy and national security.

The Chinese government has denied engaging in cyberspying against the United States.

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