Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ET Review, LG Google Nexus 4

4.7-inch IPS LCD (1280 x 720 pixels), 1.5Ghz quad core, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, 8MP/1.3MP cam, Android 4.2, NFC, 2,100mAh battery, 139 grams 
Great design & performance, high-quality screen, gets the latest Android updates first 

Glass design attracts smudges and fingerprints, storage limited to 16GB, no FM, no TV-out 

All Nexus devices are pure Android — the way Google wants it. They are devoid of any manufacturer customisations (no custom interface or bloatware) and are always the first to get the latest Android updates, directly from Google. 

In fact, the Nexus 4 was the first device with Android 4.2. Right up front, there are very few reasons 'not' to buy the Nexus 4 — it has a beautiful design, gorgeous screen, is priced very well and offers blistering performance. Some reports suggest that like the Nexus 7 tablet (made by Asus), the Nexus 4 is sold almost at cost price, essentially to promote the Nexus line of devices and make it ultra-competitive in the market. It's a win-win situation and consumers should lap up the device. 

Looking at the design, LG has come up aces. Front and back is all-glass. The screen is the centrepiece — it offers deep blacks, has no air gap, a very narrow bezel and lightly curves towards the edges. It feels great to hold and is not too large — comfortable for most users. The subtle mosaic pattern under the rear glass panel is a nice design touch. We found no problems with call quality and battery life was surprisingly good — over a day (possibly thanks to the complete absence of bloatware). The camera is one area where the Nexus 4 needs improvement. 

It's good with adequate lighting but struggles at night. At least the cool new Photo Sphere and panorama features of Android are standard. Thanks to the recent drop in price, you should also consider Samsung's Galaxy S3. It's not a Nexus but it offers similar levels of performance, a better camera, more features (FM, TV-out), removable battery, expandable memory and has the advantage of a huge accessory ecosystem.

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